Jim Daniels, CMU’s creative writing professor, will retire after 40 years.New Poetry Collection Released | Literary Arts | Pittsburgh

Jim Daniels has published or co-produced about 41 books since his debut poetry collection. Place / everyone Received the Britting Gum Award in 1985. References to the recently retired Professor of Creative Writing at Carnegie Mellon University include a chapbook and collection of poetry, a short story book, and an edited anthology.

Daniels’ new collection of poems, Gun / Shy (((Wayne State University PressAnyone who has read his work will know. Like a skilled craftsman, Daniels creates poems word by word, line by line, using constant linguistic directness and economics in a series of 36 years of work.

“It’s hard to think of my voice that way, but I hope I keep writing, exploring, and being consistent with some of my concerns that I’m continuously attracted to.” Daniels, who taught at CMU for 40 years, says. Many years before retiring this year.

Daniels recently spoke Pittsburgh City Paper About Gun / Shy From France, where he lives part-time.

In the poem Between double doors, You mention the death of Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix in 1970 as a teenager. Do memories like those mentioned in this poem become clearer or disappear over time?
One thing about writing was that it was my way of preserving memory. Looking back on yourself as a teenager, you can look at your memories of the past and finally understand them, or somehow deepen them. In a way, it’s a very different person than I am now. On the other hand, there are things that evoke memories, and music is one of them.

So many poems are about being your parents or parents.Especially in Light timer music, There is a line that says, “My kids don’t come home.” Now that your child has left home, do you think you are living in the middle?
Basically, the focus of the whole book is to go back and forth between being a parent and being a child of my parents. … When my children grow up and go out into the world, you really do that in terms of your role as a parent and your role as a child, and how the two conflict. I feel it.

One of the interesting things about becoming a parent is, in a sense, that it evokes memories of your childhood. You think about how your parents handled certain situations, and how you handled them, or did not handle them. You will do your best. Being a parent is the most humble and most rewarding thing I have ever experienced.

The long-standing landscape of your poem, Detroit and Pittsburgh, is back again Gun / Shy.. However, while Detroit poetry seems to be more grainy, Pittsburgh poetry seems to have a softer focus.
Many will bring Detroit and Pittsburgh together as the classic cliché of the Rust Belt town. In some respects, they have a similar history, a history I admit and respect, but I’m different from what I’m in Pittsburgh in terms of things. It was a person.

I used to live near Shenley Park, so over the years a surprising number of poems have been placed there. It’s a shelter in the middle of the city, and we spent a lot of time there when my kids were young. … It was a kind of gift to be able to cross the bridge and enter the park. It will make at least some of Pittsburgh’s poems, if not idyllic, to pay more attention to nature.

The last poem of the collection, Grand design, Set in Southern France [where Daniels and his wife, writer Kristin Kovacic, are spending more time].. Is this your transitional poem, what are you going to focus on?
Based on what I’m writing here [in France]I don’t think so, but I wanted to bring that awareness. Because it’s one of the things I don’t want to be limited or obsessed with, like someone who just writes about a particular thing or place. I feel like I have permission to go to France and write about France. It’s just one part of a geographic expedition and emotionally takes you to a new place.

Jim Daniels, CMU’s creative writing professor, will retire after 40 years.New Poetry Collection Released | Literary Arts | Pittsburgh

Source link Jim Daniels, CMU’s creative writing professor, will retire after 40 years.New Poetry Collection Released | Literary Arts | Pittsburgh

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