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Covidiocy (kow, vid, ē, ə, sē), nouns, totally meaningless or stupid behavior. Stupid or stupid acts, statements, etc. regarding COVID-19.

Since the coronavirus panic began more than two years ago, the United States has seen many examples of symbiosis. The country pays heavy prices to health care, the economy and society for the complete incompetence and complete stupidity of politicians, public health authorities and the media.

At the beginning of the “pandemic,” there was no convincing evidence that blockades, school closures, and mandatory masks would protect everyone from the virus. “Necessity” based on “science”.

Americans, by name, reasonably assume that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) knows how to manage disease and that scientists and public health authorities provide sound scientific guidance on public health. I did. Those assumptions turned out to be completely wrong – with an emphasis on “dead”.

In fact, the “science” associated with many / most of the CDC’s directives was primarily “political science.”

Early on, some of the world’s most prominent epidemiologists at Oxford, Harvard, and Stanford identified serious co-morbidities as the best predictors of mortality in all age groups, frail and older. People, and those people, were ridiculed for recommending intensive protection. The risk of COVID infection is highest.

Epidemiologists were attacked as “right” in the media and blocked by social media. Observing people regarded such treatment as a political danger signal, to be precise.

Today, more than two years of practical scientific analysis, research, and statistical tracking provide evidence that these epidemiologists are correct, and political hacking and politicized public health enthusiastically endorsed by the hysterical media. The policy imposed by the authorities was a terrible mistake.

Currently, COVID-19 is a relatively mild disease in most cases, and it is known that the mortality rate of almost all healthy people under the age of 55 is almost zero.

The blockade and subsequent restrictions turned out to be a completely ineffective way to deal with the virus.

We know that public masking does not affect the transmission of airborne diseases, including COVID.

People now know that “vaccines” do not protect or reduce the severity of a virus from infection or transmission.

We know that new variants aren’t that serious, so vaccines and boosters that politicians and public health officials are still pimping are targeting diseases that no longer exist.

We have learned that the FDA-approved COVID “vaccine” actually weakens immunity and makes it easier for other illnesses to infect victims, while symptomatically catching mutants.

The science is that innate immunity from recovery from viral infections is much better than what the vaccine provides, and people infected after vaccination are more immune than if they did not take jab. Indicates low.

In addition, areas that were opened early experienced blockades and experienced illnesses and mortality rates that were equal to or greater than those that required masks.

In fact, the use of face masks may correlate with higher mortality. Using data from 35 countries and 602 million people, one peer-reviewed study confirmed previous studies and warned that the use of face masks “may have harmful and unintended consequences.” did.

Indeed, the entire country is the victim of poor COVID policies. Strict measures to “control” COVID have caused all sorts of other problems.

But now most Americans avoid COVID hysteria.

Nevertheless, many still believe that repressive measures have been justified and are prepared to expand their ineffective missions.

Frankly, most “believers” want to believe — they have to.

Politicians, bureaucrats, researchers, and journalists who imposed and / or promoted them do not want to admit that their policies were disastrous. Citizens who secretly devastated the economy under terrible policies and surrendered much of their most basic freedom to officials who imposed cruel deprivation on them and American children, including themselves, are theirs. I am reluctant to admit that it is easy to be deceived.

People have different risk factors, so everyone needs to be informed / always informed and make good choices. The version of COVID that is still on the market is a fairly mild illness that is fairly easy to treat for almost everyone.

For the record, anyone who wants to wear a face mask or stay indoors is free to do so.

Let everyone else have the same freedom in their lives.

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Jerry Shenk: Covidiocy – Daily Local

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