Jennifer Aniston’Give Herself a Break’Her Diet | Celebrity

Jennifer Aniston “began to take a break” when it comes to eating.

The “Friends” star allows her to enjoy what she likes moderately, refuses to give up carbs such as pasta and bread, and her body loves it.

She states: “I started taking breaks and started eating pasta and sandwiches.

“Everyone is very afraid of the bread basket, and I’m not afraid anymore. As long as it’s all done reasonably. My body may be grateful. [having carbs], Like,’Oh, thank you! Why are you robbing me of what I love? “

The 52-year-old actress occasionally fasts intermittently and also consumes collagen.

Regarding the changes she made, she added: “I naturally fast intermittently just because I’m not a breakfast person. I like coffee and collagen.”

Jennifer injured her back in October, and as a result she wanted to “improve her health game.”

She states: “I had reached the stage in my life where I wanted to play a health game. I lost my back in October. I did some really hard work, but one day I couldn’t get up.” .. I literally fell to the floor and had to get an MRI. Sure, there was a 9 mm swollen disc hernia, which was very severe. Therefore, I had to change the entire workout. “

After a back injury, Jennifer couldn’t run anymore, but she turned to Pilates to help her mobility.

She told People:

“I can’t do just one simple move. I’m trying to add four moves to one … I couldn’t run. That’s my love. Slowly incorporate it into your workout. I will continue. “”

Jennifer Aniston’Give Herself a Break’Her Diet | Celebrity

Source link Jennifer Aniston’Give Herself a Break’Her Diet | Celebrity

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