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Originally from Baltimore, Jazmin Veney is becoming more stylish with her luxury shoe brand, ARCHNYC. After graduating from the Merchandising Institute, well known as LIM College, in 2016, Benny embarked on a journey through the industry by rushing through the field of fashion marketing. Her love for fashion and the fact that the industry lacks representation in many areas gave birth to the ARCHNYC brand.

The focus created in Harlem’s apartment in 2018 was to fill the space for stylish shoes at an affordable price for all women. ARCH NYC’s mission is to celebrate women through carefully selected quality, conversation and shoe capsules. Venny is discussing the ARCH brand with herself.

Q: When did you move from Baltimore to New York?

A: When I went to college, I was 18, which was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I’ve considered universities in Virginia, Maryland, Philadelphia, and Ohio, but I’ve never regretted going to New York instead. Until I got out into the city, I didn’t really explore my creativity or even understand how I could expand it. I cried because I’m family-friendly and I don’t want to leave my parents and brother, but I never missed a holiday and they supported my move very much.

Q: Please explain about women in ARCH.

A: ARCH women are very cool. She is evolving forever and trying to be her best. True creative with a passion for her field (fashion, beauty, law, journalism, etc.). She is 25 to 45 years old and lives in a large and active city. She enjoys high quality products and can afford to pay for long-lasting products. She is serious about her friends, self-care, and aesthetically pleasing Instagram pages. Most importantly, she is a great tasting fashion girl and wants a shopping experience that makes her feel exclusive and catered.

Q: What makes ARCH different from other shoe brands?

A: In the industry, we often see cute shoes that are cheap and not of high quality, and shoes that are cute and of amazing quality and pay. I am looking for women who make shoes for women who are enhancing their wardrobe and are looking for a timeless, high quality yet affordable and luxurious experience. We fill the space for budget without compromising quality or style. The reverse is also true.

Q: Please explain your creative process.

A: I spend a lot of time screenshots things from the internet. I’m inspired by color, texture, energy, or the shape I want to include in my collection. When planning creatively, I think about how I want customers to feel, where to go, and what they are wearing. You can also print and tape things to the wall so you can see, write, cut and reinterpret how to use them in large pictures. I also love to roam the streets and shopping areas (before COVID) to see what customers are currently looking at, shopping, buying, and really love. is.

Q: Please tell me the process of making shoes.

A: In short, after understanding your design inspiration, you need to sketch your product. Once the sketch is complete, you need to create a technical pack containing specifications, materials, details, colors, etc. to let the factory know how you want to achieve this design. You need to procure materials, fabrics and shoelaces. After that, the sampling process at the factory takes place. Before moving to mass production, you can sample a couple of rounds to complete the style, then finalize the details and changes before placing a production order. It’s easy to say, but that’s an overview of the process. It usually takes about 12-18 months to develop, manufacture and deliver one shoe, but because we live at a time when the expedition is important, the process is shortened and quickly tracked to 8 months. I am. Currently I work on an 8 month schedule, but I aim to work on a 12-18 month schedule to improve and ensure quality and spend more time on development and trend research. increase.

Q: What was the inspiration behind your first shoe design?

A: I personally consider the latest collection of SLING shoes to be my first genuine design. My favorite type of shoe is open toe stiletto heels and I wanted to buy them in multiple colors and make them always wearable. An important factor was also to include details that I found and soon found them to be ARCH shoes. I don’t want to be confused with other brands. A hero style that is always recognized and always in stock for customers to shop and collect in all colors.

Q: Tell us a little bit about this new collection and the inspiration behind it.

A: Core Collection Chapter 1, this was the first collection I dropped after the COVID hit, so it was a big deal. I consider it our “reintroduction” collection. We have dropped two new styles that have been around for quite some time through the ARCHNYC franchise. As we are trying to establish longevity and brand awareness, I was really inspired to add details that stood out and I hadn’t seen in the market yet. I wanted to make something that excites people and encourages them to go out after a long blockade.

Q: What do you think is the biggest achievement so far?

A: In the spring of 2021, we raised $ 20,000 for the brand with the help of the community through a crowdfunding campaign.

Q: What do you think is the biggest challenge in this process?

A: Find a reliable factory, provide the highest quality, and fund your business yourself without an investor or partner.

Q: Other than ARCH BRAND, what is your favorite shoe in the closet right now?

A: Last summer, when I didn’t have heels, I lived in Chloe Woody logo sandals. Very chic, they fit everything, and I’m sad to put them away for the season.

Q: What is your favorite shoe style?

A: My absolute favorite shoe style is sandals with open toe strap heels.

Q: What advice would you give to anyone thinking of starting their own shoe design journey?

A: Plan, plan, plan. I don’t regret jumping into my head first, but it tells a lot of the story with the brand, but I had to work hard to learn, so I think I could have avoided the trouble with a little planning. Is better.

Jazmin Veney steps in stylishly with her luxury shoe brand | Work

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