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Washington (AP) —House January 6 Commission Shows At Final Hearing Thursday Night that Donald Trump’s lie about the stolen elections fueled a horrific attack on the US Capitol I am aiming. On TV at the White House.

The prime time hearing jumps into 187 minutes when Trump did not act on January 6, 2021, despite petition from his aide, allies, and even his family. The panel argues that the United States faces permanent doubts about the resilience of democracy as the defeated president tries to overturn Joe Biden’s election victory.

Jamie Raskin, a member of the Commission, said:

With live testimony from two former White House aides and excerpts from more than 1,000 interviews with the Commission, Thursday night sessions sometimes captivated the country and provided historical records for the past six weeks of hearing. Add a closing chapter to the meeting.

Prior to the hearing, the Commission released a video of four former White House aides — spokesman Cary McKenny, security aide Keith Kellogg, White House adviser Pat Siporone and President Molly Michael’s executive assistant — Trump is private. I testify that I was in the dining room with a TV when the violence unfolded.

“Everyone was watching TV,” Kellogg said.

Returning to the prime minister for the first time since the series of hearings began, the panel will explain how close the United States has come to what a retired federal judge testified this summer called a constitutional crisis. ..

Republican Rep. Liz Cheney said he would outline the event on January 6 “in minutes.”

“You’ll hear that Donald Trump never called that day to ask his administration for help,” Chainy said.

“He didn’t call the army. His Secretary of Defense wasn’t ordered. He didn’t call his attorney-at-law. He didn’t talk to the Department of Homeland Security,” Chaney said. “Mike Pence did all that. Donald Trump didn’t.”

The hearing presents an unprecedented outtake of the January 7 video, in which the White House aide begged Trump to make it as a national healing message for the country. This footage shows how Trump struggled to blame a mob of supporters who violently invaded the Capitol.

Former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson testified that he would like to include words in his speech about Trump’s forgiveness of riots, but White House lawyers advised against it. Trump reluctantly blamed the riots in his three-minute speech that night.

It is a former White House aide who testifies Thursday. National Security Advisers Matt Potinger and Sara Matthews then served as aides and submitted their resignations on January 6, 2021, after seeing that day. Trump rejected the hearing on social media and considered many of his testimonies to be fake.

Chairman Bennie Thompson (Democratic Party) has been quarantined after a positive COVID-19 test and will be attending the video. Former naval officer Elaine Luria, who leads the meeting with Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger, who carried out combat missions in Iraq and Afghanistan, said he was expecting testimony from White House aides. “It’s just really convincing.”

“These are people who believed in the work they were doing, but not in the stolen elections,” Luria said.

The White House aide wasn’t the only one who said it would stop the day. The panel is expected to provide a tally of Trump’s aides, and even ministers who resigned after Trump was unable to stop the attack. Some ministers were very cautious and discussed invoking the 25th Amendment to dismiss Trump.

As the panel continues to collect evidence and prepares to publish a preliminary report of the findings, it has accumulated the most substantive public record to date, although Americans have attacked the democratic position. Did.

The Commission cannot be held criminally liable, but the Justice Department monitors its activities.

To date, more than 840 people have been charged with federal crimes related to the Capitol riots. More than 330 of them pleaded guilty mainly to misdemeanors. Of the more than 200 defendants sentenced to imprisonment, about 100 were sentenced to imprisonment.

What is uncertain is whether Trump or the former president’s top ally will be accused of serious charges. The former president has never been indicted in the federal government by the Justice Department.

Attorney General Merrick Garland said Wednesday, January 6th, “This is the most extensive and most important investigation the Department of Justice has ever done.”

“We have to do this right,” Garland said. “For those who are concerned, I think all Americans should be, so we have to do two things. With integrity and professionalism.”

When digging into the timeline, the panel said about three hours, when Trump left the stage in a “stop steal” rally shortly after 1:10 pm, after instructing supporters to march to the Capitol. The purpose is to show what happened in the future. When he issued the video address from Rose Garden, he told the mob to “go home,” but praised them as “very special.”

We also hope to create additional evidence of a conflict with a Secret Service agent who refused to take Trump to the Capitol. This is a witness account where security details are in dispute.

Five people were killed that day as Trump supporters fought police in a fierce hand-to-hand combat to attack the Capitol. One officer testified about how she “spilled the blood of others” when trying to control the mob. One Trump supporter was shot dead by police.

“The president didn’t do much, but he was happy to watch TV during this time frame,” Kinzinger said.

Not only did Trump refuse to tell the mob to leave the Capitol, but he did not seek backup from other parts of the government and did not give orders to deploy the National Guard, Chainy said.

According to previous testimony and text messages obtained by the Commission, this is despite countless plea from Trump’s aides and allies, including daughter Ivanka Trump and Fox News host Sean Hanity. is.

“You’ll hear Capitol Hill leaders asking the president for help,” Chainy said. He said he was “scary” and called after failing to convince multiple members of President Trump’s family. The president himself. “

The panel stated that an investigation was underway and other hearings were possible. We will prepare a preliminary report this fall and a final report by the end of this meeting.


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January 6 Panel investigates Trump’s 187 minutes when the Capitol attacks – Daily Local

Source link January 6 Panel investigates Trump’s 187 minutes when the Capitol attacks – Daily Local

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