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January 6 Former Top Aide to Pence working with the Panel | Nationwide

Washington (AP) — Former Vice President Mike Pence is cooperating with a House panel investigating the January 6 parliamentary riots, according to people familiar with the matter.

Mark Short was in the Capitol on January 6th and accompanied Pence when he escaped from the Senate-sponsored post and hid himself from the mob. Seeking his hanging.. Short is cooperating with the panel after receiving the subpoena, according to a person who was given anonymity to discuss personal interactions.

Former President Donald Trump said that Pence would not unilaterally reject the Electoral College because Congress proved President Joe Biden’s victory, even though rebels invaded the building. He was openly criticizing the Vice President. Pence didn’t have the legal authority to do so, but Trump put pressure on him anyway.

As Top Pence’s aide, Short also attended several White House meetings prior to the riots. At one point, Trump banned shorts from the White House grounds because he opposed pressure on Pence to reject legitimate election results.

CNN first reported Short’s cooperation and subpoena.

Some people near Pence were furious at how Trump tried to scapegoat the former Vice President on January 6, putting Pence, his closest aides and his family in physical danger by riots. After being exposed, he was even more furious.

Alyssa Farah, who served as a spokesman for Pence before assuming another role and quit his job at the White House by January 6, voluntarily met with Republicans at the House Selection Committee to provide information.

In a series of tweets during the riot, Farrar accused Trump of the riot and called on his supporters to confront him. “Now blame this, @ realDonaldTrump,” she tweeted. “They only listen to you. For our country!”

The November panel summoned Keith Kellogg, Pence’s national security adviser, to be with Trump when the attack unfolded, and “the former president’s remarks and reactions to the parliamentary riots. You may have the information directly, “he wrote in the subpoena. The Commission wrote that, with some explanations, Kellogg urged Trump to send tweets aimed at helping control the crowd.

Committee leaders last week, the January 6 panel spoke with more than 250 witnesses, most of them voluntarily, planning a series of hearings next year and publishing many of their findings. It’s a schedule.

The Commission has retired a wide range of people, from Trump’s own aides to the organizers of his large rally that morning, allies outside the White House who have strategiced ways to overturn Biden’s legitimate victory. ..

The panel also interviewed key swing-state election officials such as Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

Trump ridiculed the Commission’s work and continued to insist on fraud widely rejected by court and election experts.

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January 6 Former Top Aide to Pence working with the Panel | Nationwide

Source link January 6 Former Top Aide to Pence working with the Panel | Nationwide

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