James Franklin hopes the deal will help Penn State University reach the next plateau. [opinion]

James Franklin’s new 10-year contract sends a clear message about him and Pennsylvania State University.

Franklin wants to make history as the first black college football coach to lead the team to the national championship. He believes Pennsylvania State University offers him the best opportunity to do so.

He has seen the investments made by Alabama, Clemson, Ohio and Oklahoma and the success they have enjoyed during their eight years as coaches for the Nittany Lions.

He has seen Georgia make deeper investments since the arrival of Kirby Smart in 2016. It’s no coincidence that the bulldog is number one today.

Franklin has long sought a similar effort if Pennsylvania State University managers want their football teams to compete for national titles.

Currently, they seem to have a guarantee to improve every aspect of the program, not just his $ 75 million contract.

After practicing Wednesday night, Franklin said, “We’re going to get three or four good new hires a year.” “It’s been over four years in total. If you have everything you need to develop them, those small margins you’re scratching and pulling sum them all up.

“We’re close. We’ve become intimate in some games. We’re approaching the playoffs. We’re sometimes ranked quite high, but we have to be able to maintain that. No. That’s all. “

Possible improvements include raising the salary of assistant coaches. More access to the university’s private jets for recruitment. Perhaps we will build an indoor building dedicated to football or other buildings for diversity sports at Penn State University, leaving Holba Hall to the football team.

Franklin has repeatedly stated that he is “in collaboration” with Pennsylvania State University Board President Matt Schuyler, Retired President Eric Barone, and Sandy Barbour Athletics Director. He said it was an important factor in the future of the program.

“Obviously, there is the next plateau we have to reach,” he said. “I recognize it and promise to do everything possible to help us get there with the help of many others. It goes back to (go) alignment. increase.”

Pennsylvania State University is the last team to win the Big Ten Championship outside of Ohio State University. The Birth of the Birth has been doing well since the days of Woody Hayes, unlike any other university. They have lost only 12 games in the last 10 seasons and have an incredible success rate.

The Ohio State University has excellent coaching and, more importantly, has the best players of any other Big Ten team. The Birth of The Birth continues to be the measuring bar for meetings. No team is as competitive as Pennsylvania State University in the last six seasons.

The Ohio State University has the best recruitment of any other Big Ten. If you want to beat the Birth of the Back, you can’t afford to spend the off-year.

Since 2016, Pennsylvania State University has been ranked 20th, 15th, 6th, 12th, 15th and 21st in the 247 Sports recruitment ranking, which is not terrible. Ohio, on the other hand, is fourth, second, second, 14th, fifth, and second.

Franklin hopes Lions will be able to close the gap starting with the 2022 class. But they are one step ahead of Ohio.

“When you’re out of the top 25 and trying to get in, it’s a fight and it’s difficult,” he said. “When you’re in the top 25, it’s hard to get into the top 10. When you’re in the top 10, the gap between the top 10 and the top 4 or 5 programs is bigger.”

As expected, as the College Football Playoff expands, it becomes even more important to be in the top 10 on a regular basis.

Franklin critics believe he won’t be able to do that. They will continue to blame him for giving this contract to Pennsylvania State University. If Franklin was liquidated at USC, LSU, or Florida, many would have called it good employment.

But now it’s a time of patience or closure for Franklin and the administration. The number of contract buyouts speaks for itself. If Franklin leaves Penn State University, his acquisition will drop from an initial $ 12 million to $ 8 million, $ 6 million in 2023, and $ 2 million in 2024.

Franklin can leave cheaply as early as 2024 if the administration fails to meet its guarantees.

“Maybe it was a bit tied to the facility’s timeline,” he admitted.

If Pennsylvania State University fires Franklin, he will have to pay him $ 8 million for the rest of the year. It’s exorbitant and doesn’t seem likely to happen for a long time.

Franklin is an eternal optimist, so he believes Lions can break the top four to five and probably win a national title. It’s hard to imagine him coaching in Alabama or Ohio for several reasons.

Pennsylvania State University is his best shot to make history. It also provided stability to his wife and their two daughters.

“This is a house,” Franklin said. “I’ve been leading the whole country at all major conferences and the NFL. For me, it’s about people. I’m committed to these kids, staff, and the people I met in the community.”

James Franklin hopes the deal will help Penn State University reach the next plateau. [opinion]

Source link James Franklin hopes the deal will help Penn State University reach the next plateau. [opinion]

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