James Corden Leads Compliment to Norm Macdonald | Celebrity

James Corden felt “privileged” whenever he was in Norm Macdonald’s “orbit.”

The 43-year-old star pays homage to the late “Saturday Night Live” comedian who died at the age of 61 after losing the fight against cancer on Tuesday (14.09.21) and honors him in the opening monologue of “Respect”. I’ll show you.

“The only thing Nome wanted to do was make us laugh. He was absolutely awesome. There was no one like him. I felt privileged whenever he got on track. I did. “

Corden welcomed the late comedian as one of the great men.

“He left us as one of the greatest cartoons of all time, and I think he’s probably the greatest guest in the history of late-night television,” he added.

Stephen Colbert, 57, the host of the “late show,” also remembered Nome and praised his ability to make “dark” jokes.

He said: “I liked him joking, that, [I mean this in] In the best possible way, he didn’t seem to care if the audience liked them.

“But he liked jokes. They were sometimes dark and sometimes too dark for me. But they were dark and strange and he had a great presence.”

Colbert concludes his tribute to McDonald’s, saying he was “not a good comedian,” and came up with the right jokes about his later stars, noting that the comedy world suffered a great loss.

“I wish I had enough comedians to come up with a joke about Norm Macdonald’s death right now, but it’s only Norm that can escape with the joke” Norm Macdonald is dead. “・ Only McDonald’s.

“And you’ll miss the fact that there’s no one left on the planet who can do that, and today’s comedy world is poor for it.”

Seth Meyers, the host of “Late Night”, also paid tribute to him after working with Nome on “Saturday Night Live” and remembered the first time he met.

He states: “I started SNL in 2001. At one point, I remember Nome returning to the studio and visiting.

“I don’t remember the age of my son at the time, but he was young and someone said,” How about your dad, Nome? “

“And he said,’It’s working, but there’s no kidnapping.’ That’s the first time I’ve heard him say it directly.”

James Corden Leads Compliment to Norm Macdonald | Celebrity

Source link James Corden Leads Compliment to Norm Macdonald | Celebrity

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