James Bradbury, Source Gardner at the heart of the Giants’ corner dance – Reading Eagle

The NFL draft is a week away and the Giants need a corner.

It was once again clear when Adly Jackson, Aaron Robinson and Darney Holmes topped the field depth charts at this week’s voluntary mini-camp.

James Bradbury is away from the team and isn’t expected to return to the team, but GM Joe Shane said he has an “emergency response plan” to keep him.

Early in the off-season, 28-year-old Bradbury saw a note on the wall that the Giants’ plans did not include him. He has the right to get angry with it as one of the best players on the team. And he treats this diplomatically, perhaps away until Shane trades or cuts him.

“I got a call to James Bradbury,” Shane said Wednesday, confirming the news and other reports.

Shane is expected to trade veteran corners. It may not happen until the end of next weekend’s draft. GM is tentatively in contact with a representative of Bradbury.

The Giants have a high asking price compared to the amount the team is willing to pay. This can be understood by considering the Bradbury pedigree. They don’t want to lose their assets for what. It would be hard enough to remove his $ 21.8 million 2022 salary cap percentage from the book.

Suitors are currently focused on drafts, but they have the opportunity to meet their needs with draft topics rather than trades.

For example, the Houston Texans, one of the most likely landing points for the Bloodberry deal, will hold picks 3 and 13 in the first round next Thursday.

At this point, GM Nick Caserio may prefer to draft a corner with a cost-controlled five-year rookie contract to assist in his reconstruction, rather than taking over and extending veteran Bradbury. Hmm.

However, this can be difficult, as some league sources believe that the Giants are high enough to be fifth overall in the Cincinnati corner Amado “Source” Gardner.

Gardner and LSU’s Derek Stingley Jr. are considered by many to be the two best corners of the class. Shane was at the forefront and central of Gardner’s Pro Day. Offensive tackles and edge rushers are also Giants’ two top 7 pick options. Shane may also trade back from one place.

However, if any of the four teams in front of the Giants draft a corner, that is, the Texans No. 3 or the Jets No. 4 could poach the player the Giants have been paying attention to for some time.

Shane was rejuvenated at a press conference on Wednesday when a reporter told him he had a chance to take “the first cornerback in this draft” at 5 o’clock.

“Is there the first corner at 5 o’clock?” He said incredibly.

The reporter said he believed so.

“OK, then you got a crystal ball,” Shane smiled.

The Giants have nine picks in this draft. Therefore, you can meet your location needs in other rounds as well. However, Shane needs to determine where the best value for the Giants is in these premier positions, while holding the overall 5th and 7th picks in the first round.

For now, Bradbury is technically on the Giants’ roster. But while he’s far enough away from the photo, head coach Brian Dabol punted quite a bit of the question in the corner of his GM.

“Yes, he’s on the roster, so it’s not really different from what Joe said. I know Joe will be here at 1 o’clock. You guys talk to him about it. You can, “Dabol said this week.

Shane said all the right things about Bradbury, given that the team wants him to be considered a worthwhile asset to earn.

“I like kids. I like skill sets. That’s just the situation we see from a financial perspective,” Shane said. “That’s the reality. But there are several ways to make it work, and James can be here. Why don’t people cut or replace him? Next, a big blank there is.

“We’ll do that, see how the draft goes, and see what the roster looks like,” Shane said.

However, despite Shane’s praise for Bradbury, the Giants’ opinion of playing the corner was not high enough to prioritize maintaining him. GM also said it was aware of how it would affect the locker room if the process continued to reduce Bradbury’s options.

“You always incorporate it into your decisions. It’s part of the process. You think about them all,” Shane said.

Conclusion: The finish line of the Bloodberry Saga may be close. The biggest question is whether the Giants design that replaces him will also work properly.


Former Houston Texans tight-end Jordan Akins signed a one-year deal with the Giants on Thursday. Akins, 30, a third-round pick from Central Florida in 2018, follows tight-end Andy Bischoff from Houston to New York. Akins recorded 24 catches at 214 yards in 13 games and three starts at the Texans last season. He was selected by the Texas Rangers in the third round of the 2010 Major League Baseball Draft prior to his college football career.


James Bradbury, Source Gardner at the heart of the Giants’ corner dance – Reading Eagle

Source link James Bradbury, Source Gardner at the heart of the Giants’ corner dance – Reading Eagle

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