Jalen Ramsey teaches his Rams teammates while his shoulders heal.Sports

Irvine, CA (AP) — Jalen Ramsey should have been able to attend the training camp this summer. After a long and tough season culminating in the Super Bowl title, an all-professional cornerback rests his body and surgically repaired shoulders during the two and a half weeks of the Los Angeles Rams at the University of California, Irvine. I could have done it.

Instead, Ramsey was in the middle of his teammates at the campsite on Monday. Although he hasn’t practiced, Rams is basically another assistant coach, providing knowledge and tips to Rams’ young defensive back.

“I know a playbook like the back of my hand, so that’s why I have a (play) script, so I can help others,” Ramsey said.

“I know every position in the star, corner, and secondary, so I can know exactly what I’m playing, so I can know the specific technique they think they should have used. Hit in the play. Why were they beaten (understood)? You don’t have to wait until you get to the conference room to analyze them as soon as you get out of the field. “

The Rams’ commitment to the Rams’ overall success hasn’t diminished at all with the Super Bowl Ring on his fingers. He revealed in his first widespread public comment on the turbulent off-season.

Ramsey was initially expected to be on the Physically Impossible (PUP) list to start the camp. So he wouldn’t have been able to practice. However, Rams changed course last weekend when he realized he wanted to be in the field. He was excited.

“I thought I was helping them by just giving them a place on the roster and taking me to the PUP,” Ramsey said.

When Los Angeles won nine of the last ten games to win the title, he demonstrated his commitment to Rams last season, overcoming shoulder pain. Rams won his third career all-pro selection along the way, recognizing all his roles specially tailored to his formidable abilities in Rams’ defense.

As soon as Rams finished the celebration, Ramsey returned to work, assessed his injuries, and voluntarily set a deadline for surgery. He wanted to be completely healthy for his visit to Los Angeles from Buffalo Bills in the first week, and he made his off-season decisions accordingly.

“I was hoping that something would heal naturally, take a break, and hit it every Sunday to avoid injury, but that didn’t work,” Ramsey said. “It’s just a little annoying and I’ve come to a point where it’s a little too confusing. I had to clean it and renew it again.”

Both Ramsey and Sean McVay expect Defensive Back to be ready to face Josh Allen and Bills. Ramsey plays his role in ensuring that his defensive teammates are ready to help him by playing an active role in training in camp practice.

Los Angeles needs to identify a new starting cornerback during the preseason to replace Darious Williams, who earned a lot of free agent money from Jacksonville after playing 80% of Rams’ snaps last season. .. Rams also has to choose a starting nickelback, decide on two starting safety after suffering an injury in the position last season, and prepare four defensive backs drafted by the team last spring.

Ramsey wants to help both before and after returning to the uniform.

“You need to have a tight rehab schedule and be smart about your way and mood,” says Ramsey. “To be honest, I’m a master of my body and I know the limits I can and cannot push, but I’m sure I’ll be ready when the time comes.”

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Jalen Ramsey teaches his Rams teammates while his shoulders heal.Sports

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