Jake Paul claims he has “retired” from boxing | Celebrity

Jake Paul claims to have “retired” from boxing after defeating Tyron Woodley.

The 24-year-old YouTube sensation defeated a former UFC champion in a boxing match on Sunday (29.08.21) and set a perfect record in sports, but he suggests he’s leaving the fight.

Jake tweeted: “Updated Status: Retired Boxer.”

Social media stars agreed to rematch with their opponents if Woodley had a “I love Jake Paul” tattoo.

He said after the fight: “Take a tattoo, and we’ll get it back. I have a tattoo artist here!

“He needs to get a tattoo right away. Otherwise, you’ll find another opponent. Put it on his Instagram. It’s a permanent tattoo. Then we can talk about it. . “

Jake claimed he had won a “convincing” battle and proved his critics in the sport by maintaining his undefeated record.

He said, “I learned a lot tonight. I returned after four minutes for the first time. For the first time in eight rounds of battle.

“Honestly, I won convincingly. We’re going back to the drawing board. I think I’ve proved a lot tonight and a lot of people have proved wrong. “

Paul also claimed that Woodley’s martial arts experience proved that the fight was tougher than he had expected.

He told the BT Sportbox office:

“It was tougher than I expected. It’s a tough opponent. I had a good fight. I shot one real shot in the whole game.”

Jake Paul claims he has “retired” from boxing | Celebrity

Source link Jake Paul claims he has “retired” from boxing | Celebrity

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