Jackie-O’s White House is coming to Wintertour

The exhibition at Winterthur features a reproduction of the iconic rooms of the White House. This includes red, blue and green rooms, and formal reception rooms that have been color-adjusted from the first occupants of the house.

Kennedy described the room as “hard.” There are too many reds, blues and greens to be comfortable. In particular, he called the Green Room a “dentist’s bomb shelter.”

She added a pinkish cerise color to the red room and softened the room by recoloring the walls of the blue room with white wallpaper on a white background accented with blue trim and curtains. At that time, such French styling was considered controversial for the White House.

Recreation in the blue room of the White House in the Winterthur gallery. Jackie Kennedy softened what she called “hard blue” by adding white wallpaper to the French styling. (Peter Crimins / WHYY)

With the advice of DuPont and the Commission, Kennedy purchased or rented the appropriate equipment. A reproduction of the Red Room includes the original sideboard that Kennedy borrowed from the Philadelphia Museum of Art in 1961. PMA has lent it back to Winterthur for this exhibition.

In addition to recreating some White House rooms, the exhibition traces what Kennedy and DuPont did in the back room deal and consensus building.As part of the project, Kennedy successfully passed Congress Public Law 87-286The White House, preserved by the Smithsonian Castle, has established itself as a guardian of the White House so that important furniture acquired during future management is permanently preserved.

However, DuPont and Kennedy did not always meet their eyes. DuPont strongly supported the Federal style of American decorative art, and Kennedy, who studied at the Sorbonne University in Paris, preferred the French Empire style.

“They were involved in some interesting discussions,” Buckman said. “They are all performed very diplomatically and very politely in their communications.”

A compromise has been made. Kennedy was once tolerant of DuPont’s request, saying, “As long as I have an eagle, it doesn’t matter if it’s French or not.”

Recreation in the Green Room of the White House in Winterthur.Kennedy laid a textured green cloth on the wall
Recreation in the Green Room of the White House in Winterthur. Kennedy laid a textured green cloth on the wall. (Peter Crimins / WHYY)

The exhibition also features Kennedy as an entrepreneur. The refurbishment budget she was assigned was far below the project’s ambitions. To pay for the new interior, she suggested creating a souvenir guidebook for White House visitors to sell for $ 1.

Mr. Bachmann said President Kennedy opposed selling souvenirs from the White House, believing that it would be awkward. But Mrs. Kennedy stuck. In her first few months, The White House: a Historic Guide sold 600,000 copies and generated most of the $ 2 million needed for her refurbishment.

The guidebook has been printed ever sinceUpdated by each government agency.

“From Winterthur to the White House” will be on display until January 8, 2023.

Jackie-O’s White House is coming to Wintertour

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