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Jack White is “scary and confused” if there is no “struggle” in life.

A former White Stripes frontman is passionate about creating “art,” and he argued that it was imperative to set up a third-man record company. ..

He states: “I have this illness and I don’t know what started it, but if my life isn’t hard, I’m scared and confused. Art must be made in some way. For example, I start to worry. I wish I could pinpoint exactly why I needed this. I can’t escape from it. “

And the “Steady As She Goes” hit maker is pleased that he is at the center of the recent vinyl revival.

He told the Times Saturday Review:

“There’s no day when you can’t watch a TV show with a turntable. Taylor Swift’s last album sold 125,000 records in the first week. Olivia Rodrigo, Billy Irish, and all. A teenage pop star is releasing a record now.

“It was great to be part of its origin.”

Jack has just opened a third-man store in central London, but a 46-year-old musician has admitted that he wants to take his music to a smaller place.

He states: “Man, I have to say. If possible, open a third man’s shop in a back alley in a poor area, not in the center of London.

“There were no records or bookstores in my neighborhood. It probably has something to do with my thoughts on Thirdman as a church for the religion of art. There we have a romantic spin. Is spreading the gospel.

“I like the idea that some kids may be invited to the store for their color and brilliance and turn to life-changing punk records.”

Jack White Needs a “Struggle” in His Life | Entertainment News

Source link Jack White Needs a “Struggle” in His Life | Entertainment News

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