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Indianapolis (AP) — Baylor ridiculed the first Final Four game and choked Houston for a chance to win the program’s first national title. Gonzaga then miraculously won one of the best shots in NCAA tournament history.

The Baylor-Gonzaga showdown, which was canceled in December due to the coronavirus pandemic, has finally resumed, with all the biggest bets. The two best teams of the season will be competing in the national championships on Monday night.

It was worth the wait.

Bears opened the final four for the first time in two years by overwhelming Houston. 78-59Cruising to the first national championship game since 1948.

Gonzaga’s bohemian attack was defeated by UCLA with a nightcap. Freshman Jalen Suggs came to the bulldog rescue and banked with 3 pointers just inside the buzzer’s half-court line. 93-90 wins..

“Finally, both the staff and all the players were able to see how it reacted when it was an all-timer,” said Gonzaga coach Mark Few.

The bid for the first undefeated team since Indiana in 1976 is still intact.

“It was nuts. I can’t speak yet,” Suggs said. “Millions of things are happening in my head. I can’t believe it happened.”

Baylor appeared to have lost some of his defensive Mojo during the three-week COVID-19 hiatus later in the season. The rotation is not so sharp. The closeout is not so close. However, Bears (27-2) rolled back the first four NCAA tournament games, won with a clip of almost 15 points, and seems to have extra energy in the first final four game since 1950. did.

Baylor flies around Lucas Oil Stadium, where a cougar (28-4) stumbled across the floor in waves after the defender’s waves.Bears chores all shots HoustonWhenever the cougar is free, it switches and traps the ball screen to prevent it from collapsing its open look and paint.

Defensive dismantling that heralds a title game with super-efficient Zags.

“I’m starting to feel like I’m back to what it was before the pause,” said Jared Butler of Baylor University, who scored 17 points. “It’s great that it’s the right time now. I thought it was the worst because I stopped and had a three-week break, but I think it worked.”

UCLA’s upset bid for the college basketball Jaguar Note depended on two major factors: game failure and shot creation.

The· Bruins (22-10) perfected both in the first half.

The jam came through slow rolls. Due to Mick Cronin’s slowdown hand gesture, UCLA refused to run, even if he had a chance, and systematically attacked with a half-court set.

The shotmaking part is what UCLA has done for the entire bracket. Since Bruins arrived in Indy, tough shots have fallen and have continued to fall from 15, 3 to 4 in the Final Four-26.

All of these shots mean less rebounds, which means that the bulldogs go out and do what they are best at, that is, they have less chance to run. Gonzaga fired 17 out of 28, but only 45-44 in half-time.

Zags (31-0) was in a similar position in the title game of the West Coast Conference Tournament. In the first half, I dragged at 14, found the rhythm and won at 10.

Bruins didn’t let them wake it up. They kept making shots and dropped them on the wire.

Drew Timme was late for restrictions to send Johnny Juzan to overtime. After Juzan scored in the putback, Sags dribbled the half-court and skipped it for the tournament’s first buzzer beater, prospering just what happened.

“He has that magical aura,” he rarely said. “It’s crazy how many times he actually made the last second shot this year. It felt pretty good. I was staring at it. I was like” it’s in “, and it’s That was the case. “

A miracle finish, a setup that will surely make you a college basketball fan of the captivating title game, has been waiting for two years.


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It’s on: Gonzaga vs. Baylor for the National Championship | Sports

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