‘It’s because of women that we can win,’ John Fetterman said at a rally in Pennsylvania | Pennsylvania

John Fetterman, who put abortion rights at the top of the agenda for winning Pennsylvania’s Senate seat in November, told supporters at a raucous rally on Sunday: Don’t make women angry. ”

Democrats targeted a comment made in May by Republican opponent Mehmet Oz that said: Abortion at any stage of pregnancy was ‘murder’.

Oz, Recent Trends in Republican Candidatesseeking to soften its extremist stance as the fall midterm elections approach, claiming it has come to believe in rape, incest, and exceptions to women’s health.

But Oz’s rivals criticized him at Sunday’s rally at a community college in rural Pennsylvania, which was attended by thousands of supporters, including dozens of women wearing pink “Fetter Woman” T-shirts. We made no compromises.

“This decision is made between the woman and the real doctor,” Fetterman said of abortion, and was “reported” by a medical ethicist.Great danger to public health”.

“Oz believes abortion is murder,” continued Fetterman. “If all abortions are murder, that means Oz thinks every woman who had to choose to have an abortion is a murderer.

“Women are the reason we win. Let me say it again. Women are the reason we win. Don’t offend women.”

According to polling firm TargetSmart, Pennsylvania ranks 5th among states. Large difference in the number of registrations between men and women Since the U.S. Supreme Court overturned the 1973 Roe v Wade decision that established federal abortion rights in June.

Pennsylvania follows Arkansas with 12% more women enrolled than men. Kansas, on the other hand, is a staunch Republican state, with pro-choice defenders winning the election. big win last month Retains constitutional protection for procedures – leading the country with a 40% gap.

Democrats are looking to channel national outrage over Roe’s reversal and the Republican escalation of anti-abortion bills in several states into a successful election in November.

Democrats face an uphill battle to maintain control of both houses of Congress.

a Pew Research poll Last month, 56% of registered voters indicated that abortion was an important factor, up from 43% in March. Among Democratic voters, the figure rises to his 71%.

In Pennsylvania, candidates are in fierce competition.

Fetterman Oz “Visitors” from New Jersey A man who knows very little about the state he wants to represent. On the other hand, the Oz campaign mocked Fetterman’s healthrecovering from a stroke.

According to the Philadelphia InquirerFetterman, who said he’s suffered from auditory processing problems since a stroke, spoke for about 10 minutes on Sunday and didn’t seem to stumble over as many words as in his other recent appearances.

https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2022/sep/12/john-fetterman-pennsylvania-rally-abortion ‘It’s because of women that we can win,’ John Fetterman said at a rally in Pennsylvania | Pennsylvania

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