It’s a big weekend between the Cubs catcher Willson Contreras’s potential swan song and the poorly performing White Sox-Reading Eagle.

The Chicago Cubs catcher Willson Contreras’s New York Mets audition begins Thursday night at Wrigley Field, just as the White Sox arrived at the fork in the Minneapolis road.

This last weekend before the All-Star Break will be of utmost interest to the two teams, the Cubs and Socks, who have tried the patience of their most patient fans.

Socks couldn’t live up to the high expectations of the 2022 season, with manager Tony La Russa slumping around the .500 mark in the first half while beating at the post-match show. The Cubs haven’t even met the very low expectations most fans expected in April and could replace the popular Contrera with the highest bidder. Probably even the hated Mets.

As the break approached, Chicago witnessed some of the worst baseball he’s seen in a few years. On Thursday, the Cubs and Socks had a total win rate of .400 (35-54) at home, which seems to have saved the worst for paid customers in Wrigley and Guaranteed Rate Field.

La Russa did an unimaginable job in his second year. He has also dominated conversations on Sports Talk Radio at the Cubs flagship station, WSCR-AM 670. Not because Jay Cutler, a former Bears quarterback, has a local athlete who has created an enthusiastic debate about broadcast waves.

It’s not translated by the box office revenue where the Cubs are pulling socks by an average of about 8,400 fans per game. But it’s much more attractive than it was in Rick Renteria’s time. “Fire Tony” is chanted frequently enough It shakes the White Sox’s management on the South Side, but it’s not enough to consider a change from BFF, a 77-year-old manager and chairman of Jerry Reinsdorf.

La Russa invites criticism And he says he’s tougher on himself than anyone else Can be.

“If you’re preaching player accountability, you should start on your own,” he told reporters Wednesday. “I think our records should be better, so I need to manage them better.”

Many sock fans agree. In particular, La Russa’s decision to deliberately walk the batter is already innumerable. If you’re not sure, you’ll think he’s trolling critics. Critics include former manager and post-match show star Ozzie Guillén. Gillen called La Russa a “qualified renteria” and aimed at both renteria and La Russa. He later apologized for the Renteria Shot.

Socks will be welcoming Johnny Cueto, Michael Kopech and Dylan Cease on the mound this weekend for a confrontation with right-handed Lance Lynn scheduled for Saturday. If you win 3 out of 4, you’ll end half with a positive note and stay within your first spit distance. If not, it may be time to focus on wildcard racing.

in the meantime, Beer cup snakes are attracting attention on the North Side Than games on the field. Even Baltimore Orioles fans were able to take over Wrigley this week thanks to the availability of secondary market tickets from dissatisfied season ticket holders. They shouted “Let’s go O’s” during the victory on Tuesday and Wednesday, and Bleacher Wright piled up the cups and ignored them.

In contrast to NBC Sports Chicago’s “tough love” approach to La Russa and Sox, the Cubs are treated more kindly by their station, the Marquee Sports Network. Despite increasing the pace for the 99-defeat season.

After losing six times in a row on Wednesday, analyst Rick Sutcliffe needs to trade at the post-match show for Contreras to win another ring for the Cubs and for Contreras himself. I concluded.

As a Contreras He constantly says he wants to stay in the only organization With his play, the story he had to go was amplified on a network co-owned by the Cubs owner, the Ricketts family. Go to the figure.

The post-match show at NBC Sports Chicago is reminiscent of a college radio station hijacked by student extremists. The Marquee Sports Network’s post-match show, on the other hand, is more like a state-owned news broadcast that spews out government lines. “This is different” is not just a marketing slogan.

So you don’t have to audition for Mets, but Contreras is probably as good as you left. They know what he can do for them and competing teams who need top hit catchers / DHs. But if Contreras wants to fall in love with the New Yorker, this is a good time to do so, in case he’s tied up with the Queens. Mets fans are more likely to take over more ballparks than Orioles fans, and they are noisy in nature.

Cubs Manager David Ross When the team decided to unload valuable parts for future assets, his player said he understood that “it’s part of our business.” He explained that the Cubs are only trying to speed up the timeline to win.

“We know we have a really good All-Star caliber player,” he said. “Sometimes that timeline doesn’t match where you get to keep those guys.”

Contreras “ The number of days played for the Cubs in Wrigley seems to be countedAnd like Anthony Rizzo, Kris Bryant and Javier Baez last July, he was able to look around the old house soon this weekend. After the break, the Cubs have only two home games left by the trading deadline of August 2.

A long farewell has officially begun.

Now everyone should be familiar with the drill.


It’s a big weekend between the Cubs catcher Willson Contreras’s potential swan song and the poorly performing White Sox-Reading Eagle.

Source link It’s a big weekend between the Cubs catcher Willson Contreras’s potential swan song and the poorly performing White Sox-Reading Eagle.

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