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Italy asks UN for answer on envoy killing in Congo

Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio addressed the House of Representatives on Wednesday, February 24, 2021 in Rome about the Monday killing of Italian Carabinieri police officer and his driver, Italian ambassador Luca Atanacio, in the Democratic Republic of Congo I will. (Monte Forte / Pool photo via Filippo AP)

Rome (AP) — Italy asked the United Nations on Wednesday for an answer to the attack on Congo’s UN Food Aid Fleet, which killed a young ambassador and his paramilitary bodyguard.

Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio told Roman lawmakers that Italy had asked both the United Nations and the United Nations World Food Program to begin investigating the security regime of the convoy attacked two days ago.

The minister also said Italy will spare no effort to determine the truth behind the murder of Ambassador Luca Attanasio and the Carabinieri paramilitary organization Vittorio Iakovatch. WFP Congo driver Musta Fami Lambo was also killed in the attack.

“We formally called on WFP and the United Nations to begin an investigation to clarify what happened, the motives for the security agreements adopted, and who was responsible for these decisions. “Dimaio said.

According to Dimaio, the trip was invited by the United Nations.

According to Dimaio, the two Italians were “leave it to the UN protocol” and flew on a UN plane to Goma, 2,500 kilometers (1,500 miles) from Kinshasa.

According to Dimaio, the Italian embassy in Kinshasa has two armored vehicles that the ambassador is free to use to move between cities and countries. However, for Monday’s mission, Atanacio was traveling in a UN vehicle to visit the WFP School Lunch Project in Ruthuri, eastern Congo.

Only a few hours ago, Dimaio, adjacent to Prime Minister Mario Draghi, saw the bodies of two Italians arriving at a military airport in Rome. An autopsy is scheduled for Wednesday and a state funeral for both men was set up in Rome on Thursday.

A special team of investigators Carabinieri dispatched by Roman prosecutors arrived in Congo on Tuesday, saying Dimaio is likely to have multiple missions to determine what happened.

“I was in love with his profession, Africa and his family,” said Atanasio, 43, who left a widow on a volunteer project in Congo and left three young children. He said Calabi-Yau was nearing the end of his security details in Congo and would soon return to Rome.

The World Food Program, which won the Nobel Peace Prize last year for its efforts to feed refugees and other malnourished people around the world, is headquartered in Rome.

“For this reason, I immediately asked the WFPs of Rome and the United Nations to instruct Secretary-General (Antonio) Guterres to provide detailed reports on the attacks on the fleet,” Dimaio said.

Italy asks UN for answer on envoy killing in Congo

Source link Italy asks UN for answer on envoy killing in Congo

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