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Israeli Special Envoy Explaining Palestinian Group Ban to US | Nationwide

Tel Aviv (AP) in Israel — Israel is sending envoys to Washington as the rift with the Biden administration over six illegal Palestinian rights groups deepens, a foreign ministry official said Tuesday.

Last week, Israel designated a prominent Palestinian human rights group as a terrorist organization, sparking international criticism and repeatedly claiming that Israel’s best strategic partner, the United States, had given no prior warning of the move.

The Israeli move has shown a major escalation of decades of crackdowns on political activity in the occupied territories. The US State Department said it would seek more information about the decision.

Joshua Zarka, a senior official of the Israeli Foreign Ministry, told Israeli Army Radio that the envoy “will provide them with all the details and all the information” during their visit over the next few days.

Zarca said last week that Israel had personally updated US authorities with its intention to outlaw the group and believed that Washington wanted a more thorough explanation of the decision.

The rights group decision has emerged as a test of the relationship between the Biden administration and Israel’s new government, which was formed in June by eight politically different parties. The coalition ended the 12-year reign of former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Netanyahu’s hardline government has moved the US embassy to Jerusalem, free to continue building reconciliation, cut funding for Palestinians, and broadly from the Trump administration with a vision of the Middle East in support of Israeli position. Enjoyed the support.

The Biden administration has almost restored traditional foreign policy towards Israel and Palestinians. However, the conflict was expected to be postponed as the United States focused on other imminent domestic and international issues.

The painstaking coalition government is also trying to minimize the Palestinian problem and agrees not to make major moves that could threaten its stability. However, in recent weeks, attention to conflict has increased, providing many well-meaning gestures to Palestinians on the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, and promoting the building of thousands of new homes for Israeli settlements. I am.

Most dramatic was the decision of a civil society group that shook the coalition and refocused on conflict and decades of Israeli territorial occupation in search of a future nation by Palestinians.

Israel has been advocating group ties with Palestinian extremist groups for years, but even under Netanyahu’s hardline government, they could not be labeled as terrorist groups.

The Declaration appeared to pave the way for Israel to attack their offices, seize assets, arrest staff, and criminalize public support for the group. Most of the affected organizations have documented allegations of human rights abuses by the Israeli and Palestinian Authority, both of which routinely detain Palestinian activists.

The designated groups are Al-Haq, a human rights group founded in 1979, and the Addameer Rights Group, Defense for Children International-Palestine, Bisan Center for Research and Development, Union of Palestinian Women’s Committees, and Union of Agricultural. Working committee.

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Israeli Special Envoy Explaining Palestinian Group Ban to US | Nationwide

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