Is the inconsistency with Heat’s Duncan Robinson a problem? – Reading Eagle

Q: I was standing up on every shot Ira, Duncan Robinson took in the first game. It was a long time ago. I wish he had turned the corner. But he is still stuck. -curl.

A: Duncan Robinson’s greatest consistency this season seems to be his inconsistency. In his 9-8, as he showed in Game 1, there is still a moment of brilliance of 3 points when his shooting dramatically affects the outcome. And there is scoreless Game 2, and Game 3 has only one basket. The Duncan coaster is a wild ride this season and is far more uneven than Max Strus’s play, which replaced him in the starting lineup. At some point, additional defense may be needed against the Hawks, so it may not be surprising to see some of his minutes then go to Caleb Martin. .. At the moment, one of the biggest uncertainties is what the heat gets (or doesn’t get) from Duncan. Creating stability is a difficult method.

Q: There is a reason for the heat. The bench helped to achieve the top seed in the east. Player decisions are partly, and perhaps most, partly based on the outcome of the playoffs. Now that Kyle Lowry is injured, it’s time to see what Victor Oladipo can do in the playoffs. Whether he started the bench to spell Gabe Vincent or left the bench, this is why Heat invested in Oladipo. C’mon Erik Spoelstra, now is the time to see if a healthy Oladipo fits into the future of this team. — Michael, North Miami Beach.

A: Actually, the investment was the minimum wage, so it doesn’t put a heavy burden on the investment. With Victor Oladipo, the style of play changes. But that’s right. So what can be said about exploring depth is also the problem of changing playing styles deep in the process.

Q: He stops rubbing his toes because someone has to stop moving Gabe Vincent’s furniture every time he plays a game. — Scott.

A: In fact, Heat has been neglecting in reporting injuries almost throughout the season, even if players are unlikely to miss time. For example, all five players listed in the Heat Injury Report prior to Friday’s Hawks match participated in Thursday’s practice. Therefore, teammates are not accidentally stepping on Gabe Vincent to secure play time. Only the pain and pain of achieving it in the first 6 months of this process.


Is the inconsistency with Heat’s Duncan Robinson a problem? – Reading Eagle

Source link Is the inconsistency with Heat’s Duncan Robinson a problem? – Reading Eagle

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