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The fate of the Roe v. Wade case is Supreme Court Draft Leak, Here, the current candidate for Governor of Pennsylvania in 2022 defends the right to abortion.

The draft opinion will send the abortion dispute to the state level if it is published as the final opinion. This decision will open the door to GOP-controlled legislatures to pass laws that limit or prohibit abortion. The Governor then makes the final decision on whether to sign or reject the bill that he encounters at his desk.

Attorney General Josh Shapiro, the only Democratic candidate for the Governor of Pennsylvania, said the race’s “wagers can’t be higher” at this point.

Shapiro said in a statement made during a media call on May 3 that he would reject a bill to change the existing abortion law in Pennsylvania. This brings him in line with current Democratic Governor Tom Wolfe, who made similar comments in the past.

“It’s about protecting what we have,” Shapiro said.

Current state law allows abortions during the first 24 weeks of pregnancy for reasons other than gender determination. However, patients must receive state-approved counseling and wait 24 hours before making a final decision. Parental consent is also required.

Mr Shapiro said he sees the Supreme Court’s ruling as an indication of the failure to “codify” in Washington, DC.

All nine Republican candidates support some form of restriction. Some support a complete ban. Other variations include the length of time before a procedure is banned and whether to allow exceptions when including rape or incest.

Consistently a leading candidate for polls, Senator Doug Mastriano is the main bill to ban abortion after six weeks, unless rape, incest, or pregnancy is dangerous to pregnant people. Sponsor. This was the first law he introduced to the Senate when he took office in 2019.

Mastriano quoted this record at the Republican Governor’s Debate on April 27. The debate also included former state legislator Louverletta, former US lawyer Bill McSwain, and businessman and former Delaware County Congressman Dave White.

Mastriano said in a Facebook page post that the General Assembly should vote for his “heartbeat bill” as soon as the decision is official.

During the debate, Barletta said he would sign a bill restricting access to abortion if he allowed exceptions to rape, incest, or if pregnancy was medically dangerous.

“As governor, I will sign a bill that will come to my desk and save the lives of the fetus,” Barletta said.

Maxwayne said in his debate that he also supports these three exceptions.

After the Supreme Court leak, McSwain commented on Twitter.

“If true, this is, of course, a constitutionally and morally correct decision, but this leak is an exorbitant attack on the court,” Maxwayne said.

White said during the debate he did not support the exception.

“I believe in the sanctity of life and I will be the governor of life. There are no exceptions,” White said.

Mastriano, Barletta, and White all agreed to the argument that doctors who violate abortion bans should be held criminally liable. Maxwayne said it depends on the law. White and Barletta also said that those who undergo the procedure should receive counseling.

In another debate on April 19, retired surgeon Nche Zama said he supported a total ban on abortion. It has no timeline or exceptions.

“I believe life begins with conception,” Zama said. “We cannot be mean about human life.”

State Senator Pro Tempoa Jake Corman said in the same debate that he upheld a six-week ban with three exceptions. He quoted his voting record on the matter.

Joe Gale, Montgomery County Commissioner, said he supported a total ban on abortion.

“I hope the Roe v. Wade case will be overturned and power will be returned to the state,” Gale said.

Political consultant Charlie Gerov said he would sign a six-week ban.

Finally, former US Republican Rep. Melissa Hart quoted her voting record on this issue, citing “homogeneity among candidates.”

She said on Twitter that abortion was an “American fetal genocide” in response to Shapiro’s fundraiser.

Is the 2022 Pennsylvania Governor Candidate in the Position of Abortion? | National News

Source link Is the 2022 Pennsylvania Governor Candidate in the Position of Abortion? | National News

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