Is it borrowing, stealing, or just taking care of it? [opinion]

One of the best ways to refurbish your aging kitchen utensils is to attend a pitch-in dinner. I have just returned from a large family gathering that brought back a spinach salad. Baked beans, watermelons, and chocolate cake slabs all come in durable glass containers with a snug, unbreakable plastic lid.

“Possession is nine tenths of the law” certainly applies to tableware.

And yes, I think it’s a good idea that the food belongs to the daughter who hosted the rally, but it’s also a good idea that she probably has some of my food, so I do it I would like to call it a wash.

Well, the container hasn’t been cleaned yet, but it will be cleaned soon.

Of course, theft from the family pitch-in is one thing, and the theft from the church pitch-in is another. The people you share your faith with have the expectation that you will be honest about who the food belongs to. There is a quiet understanding of keeping the eleventh commandment, “You must not bring home an empty 9×13 inch cute platter or utensil of another person.”

A friend brought home a cute plate that I brought for a funeral dinner. My name was written on the bottom of the plate. She returned it after saying I left without it a few months later, so she took it home, while she enjoyed using it. I was happy that she liked my taste of tableware. Besides, I did something similar. (Casting the first salad fork is far from me.)

I once helped dinner at a church and then accidentally took a stainless steel tong home home. It was a poor church that welcomed oppressed people and the homeless, and instead of plundering the kitchen, it was a church that wanted you to go home thinking you did something good.

Place the tongs on the shelf and return them. Immediately I noticed that I was checking the lock function of the tongs. Amazing. I haven’t worked for years. Then I realized I was using tongs. Turn the chicken breast. Lift the spaghetti and see if it’s done. Pull the corn from the boiling water to the cob. I switched from the idea of ​​”taking them” to the idea of ​​”taking care of them.”

Isn’t that always the way it starts? One day tongs, the next day Grand Theft Auto.

For church friends in the city, it’s good that their commercial restaurant-grade warmers are bolted to the floor.

Thank you for returning the tongs and sleeping well.

I’ve been tinkering with the KitchenAid mixer update lately. Ours are wedding gifts about 40 years ago and overheated with high fever. Both our girl and our daughter-in-law all have new models. I think there is a person who writes his name at the bottom.

Lori Borgman is a columnist, writer and speaker. Her new book “What Happens During Grandma’s Stay” is now available. Email her at

Is it borrowing, stealing, or just taking care of it? [opinion]

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