Is 12 Mbps on fiber optic faster than 100 Mbps on cable?

Before we compare Fiber optic with traditional cable services or 12 Mbps with 100 Mbps, thereare several terms that you need to know for understanding the fundamental differences. So, let’s quickly go through them for better comprehension of how the internet works.

When it comes to downloading large files, the cable internet with 100Mbps will work faster than fiber optic with 12Mbps speed. It is also for the reason that the cable TV line can transfer 82 more bits per second.In small offices, where the headcount of workers is a handful, the employees use the same internet for exchanging emails and doing all the office work. This kind of usage doesn’t consume a speed of more than 10Mbps.

This is where you need to understand the term latency, low latency means faster internet speed. Let’s find out the reason why. Cable Internet can indeed hit the speed of up to 100Mbps but do you know how? Cable internet divides the signals into smaller frequencies and buffers them at 15 to 20 microseconds. It can increase if there is more load on the internet bandwidth.

On the other side, fiber internet transmits data at a speed of 0.002 seconds, which is insane! You’ll face a delay of 2 microseconds. However, with this delay, the data will take only 0.004 seconds to transfer and display on the screen while 35 microsecondsin the case of cable internet. It shows the transmission of simple information which usually includes emails, transferring documents, conference calls, etc. is eight times faster in fiber optic internet than the traditional cable internet services.

So we can easily conclude that 100Mbps on cable internet may feel slower than 12Mbps on fiber optic. You would notice the difference while sending data in small pieces, this is because of the slow buffering in cable internet i.e. about 34ms as compared to the fiber internet which is around 4ms.

If you are looking for any recommendations, you should first check all the ISPs serviceable in your area. You can start with LocalCablDeals by entering your zip code and it will generate a list of all the available ISPs near you. Spectrum, Xfinity, and CenturyLink are one of the best ISPs in the United States. CenturyLink internet’smaximum speeds of the internet largely depend on where you reside, however, the internet service provider usually supports internet speed ranges from 10 to 940 Mbps. The higher internet speeds are maintained by CenturyLink’s fiber service, despite the fact that a slower range is accessible on the DSL service. Just the conventional residential internet is also steady, reliable, fast, and doesn’t put a dent in your pocket.

When it comes to any internet connection, customer’s experiences usually vary, particularly when comparing the speed of the Internet through various devices. This is primarily for the reason that internet speed and connectivity depends on various factor. CenturyLink is positioned at second place, out of three in the best DSL ISP and sixth-best when it comes to fiber Internet Providers evaluation. CenturyLink fiber internet is placed at # 9 when it comes to gaming internet predominantly based on measuring latency (or the probability of covering during gameplay).

Yet, when it comes to seamless online streaming which includes Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime,the internet with more bandwidth is the best option to avoid disruptions and lag. Thus, the cable internet with 100Mbps will work best for you but for official usage where you want to send files of data at a faster speed, you must want to face the lowest latency possible. Therefore, you must use fiber optic internet. You can’t bear high latency when sending and receiving signals over long distances.


We hope after reading this discussion and learning how things work when it comes to fiber optic and cable internet, you are more informed than you were before finding it. Fiber optic is one of the fastest internet based on it nature and how it functions, however, that’s not functional everywhere. Therefore, the bandwidth of internet speed may vary but the type of internet reflects while working online.

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