Invader Adebayo adds the necessary elements for a heat offense against the Celtics in the East Final – Reading Eagle

Saturday was Bam Adebayo at the Miami Heat Center about what he was and what he was.

In the morning shootaround at TD Garden, Adebayo’s conversation wasn’t able to break through with the NBA All-Defensive vote and was driven to the second team for three consecutive seasons, but to build the first team in five years. I could not do it.

Returning to the same venue eight hours later, Adebayo focused on the other side of the court, scoring 31 points with a 109-103 victory and leading the Boston Celtics 2-1 in the heat. Seven Eastern Conference Finals.

“The same old playcall,” Adebayo said, finishing one point in the career playoffs high.

It’s an inevitable spirit, and forward Jimmy Butler lost late Saturday night because of knee pain.

Point guard Kyle Lowry cleared the rust in the first match in two weeks to deal with hamstring tensions, and guard Tyler Herro left the match on the night of four-fifteenths, scoring heat. It was precious.

So Adebayo showed a premium aspect of his game that hasn’t been released yet in the series after scoring a total of 16 points in the first two games at the FTX Arena.

“He did what Jimmy did with his version of what the game needed,” said Erik Spoelstra. Very assertive. It happened at many moments that were perfectly in line with the context of how we wanted to play. He was far more assertive about the catch and the moments in between.

“And it wasn’t just scoring. That’s what everyone is trying to admit, but he organizes and promotes us, sometimes playing point guards, performing post attacks through him, and We did a lot in terms of defending as usual. From 1 to 5. For teams that present many challenges. “

Adebayo finished 15 of the 22 games, 22 games, the most in his career at the NBA, 12 more than the first two games in the series combined. In the second half of Butler’s absence, he was seven out of ten.

Adebayo’s stat line also included 10 rebounds, 6 assists, 4 steals and block shots.

“When Jimmy was out in the second half, he just stabilized us,” Spoelstra said. “It got a little annoying, and when that happened, we took the ball to Bam and just got something consistent.”

Teammate Max Strus said it was “special” to see Adebayo’s pushback.

“It was huge for him to step up that way because of all the turmoil and all the criticism he has received,” Strass said. “And we need it.

“It wasn’t just leaning forward and shooting the floater. He was physical. He was close to the edge. He was involved in more, and we did it. We need. We need him to be involved in more actions, and that’s his game. That’s how we make him better. “

With Raleigh coming back and Butler leaving, the focus became clear.

“We made some adjustments and did some things to find a way to move him,” Raleigh said.

The Celtics knew the discourse that Adebayo would enter the night.

“We also talked about Adebayo, who is struggling in the series, and he will be more aggressive,” said Celtics coach Ime Udoka. “Brow his head, we didn’t match it.”

Heat was building a season around the backstop bum.

This time, the attack was launched centering on the invader Adebayo.

“We knew who Miami was,” said Celtics guard Jaylen Brown. “That’s what they’re proud of. It’s physicality. If you want to win this series, you have to adapt to its strength. We just have to raise people. Bam It was too comfortable with the paint. “


Invader Adebayo adds the necessary elements for a heat offense against the Celtics in the East Final – Reading Eagle

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