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This isn’t exactly the Bronx Zoo material, but it’s okay.

Since January, the Yankees Brass has known that the television station Yankees Entertainment & Sports Network is hiring Carlos Beltran as one of the new analysts. Standard operating procedures include a network to get the blessing of Team Brass before signing a new voice.

Bertrand (who also worked at the Bombers front office), who previously played for seven teams including the Mets, Astros and the Yankees, is a report submitted by Commissioner Rob Manfred as the mastermind behind the Astros 2017 fraudulent scandal. But I was nominated. However, veteran GM Brian Cashman gave his blessing when the YES proceedings expressed his intention to hire Bertrand. It was Bertrand who hesitated to attend the gig, and he would appear on 36 television broadcasts. When he was told that television could be a bridge to baseball, he decided to take on the job.

Beltran has already participated in a 45-minute “rehearsal” game with YES live audio Michael Kay. A well-embedded mole said Bertrand deserves a solid “B” for his first effort. “He said some very interesting things,” said the insider. Everything was like cannibalism. Then Thursday came, Cashman is talking athletic He was fed up with the organization being hit by not appearing in the World Series since 2009.

Cashman blamed the scandal for stealing the Astros signature because the Yankees lost the 2017 ALCS in seven games and didn’t become a fall classic.

“The only thing that stopped us was very illegal and scary.” Cashman said“So when I started hearing that I hadn’t participated in the World Series since 2009, I was offended … the only thing that upset us was the flirtation that disappointed us.”

Still, this didn’t stop Cashman from signing off to Bertrand unless he changed his mind. Cashmen can fry larger fish, but it’s no wonder how much attention they pay to Bertrand’s booth styling, including the 2017 sign-stealing caper take. It’s ironic, but also interesting, that Bertrand, a symbol of something “very illegal and scary,” is prominently featured in the broadcast booths of the affected organizations.

Cashmen don’t have to wait long to figure out where Bertrand is coming from.

Monday may also be named “Carlos Beltran Day” only if YES. At noon, YES will broadcast a one-hour special edition of the Center Stage featuring Bertrand and Kay. It is directly linked to the Yankees-Phillies spring training slope with Bertrand in the role of an analyst. Bertrand Center Stage will be rebroadcast with YES on Monday night.

Undoubtedly, Bertrand uses YES airtime to answer questions about his role in cheating scandals. (We believe his suffering and anger at how he was made a scapegoat did not completely subside.) And as the season began, how Cashman responded to Bertrand’s words. Will it be done? Like when Aaron Judge’s contract problem is protracted. Or guess Aaron Boone’s movement first / second.

The YES booth gives Bertrand the opportunity to become a fan favorite and sympathetic person, despite Cashman’s harp in 2017. The mere existence of Bertrand will bring double controversy to the proceedings.

At least that’s the signal we’re getting.


Monday night we’ll be three — Jim Nantz, Grant Hill and Bill Raftery.

Those voices call the TBS Men’s Basketball Championship.

As always, you’ll need a small army of yakkers to reach the final game. Everything came to Mike in good faith. Some have had suspicious results. However, Gus Johnson was not found in all these voices. There is no blue candidate to excite the free world and often challenge the guy who caught the tournament lightning bolt with a microphone.

Read this as a less subtle hint of our belief that Fox’s Gus Johnson belongs to the CBS / Turner roster of Final Four preachers.

Eventually Where there is little or no network exclusivity, There should be a place for Johnson. In the current roster, Nantz has the voice of a big event that is synonymous with tournaments. Johnson has the same type of gravity. He also doesn’t take the backseat to anyone when it comes to building the drama aloud in the game’s rapidly evolving story.

And when Johnson decides to go crazy, it’s the right time. He doesn’t call the first three points as if it were a regulation to end the buzzer beater. Commercial Johnson of those mortgage companies do that air isn’t enough during the tournament.

No one says Johnson should be made a Penciller as the main voice. But next season he needs to be there. Return Johnson to March Madness.

Yes only … and TBS, APPLE, AMAZON, ESPN, FOX

Baseball remained a national pastime and a popular sport worth paying for for several years as the Yankees, Mets and other MLB teams moved from “free” television to cable television.

Now that has changed. Most baseball stories and analyzes are about how to fix it.

Therefore, when the Yankees take 21 Friday night games from WPIX-TV and sell them to Amazon streaming services, there are some questions.

1) When the public notices a change, it’s when the turmoil begins. Do they make an effort to access Amazon Prime, especially if they are already sour in baseball?

2) Do fans even know where the Yankees match this season is?

The catchphrase “YES only” may be obsolete.

Bombers will appear on YES, Amazon, Apple TV +, Peacock, ESPN, FS1, Fox (Ch. 5), TBS (new Tuesday night game of the week), and MLBN on any night or day this season. There is a possibility. Knowing where the game is airing can require hard work that fans who are already dissatisfied with MLB’s Major League Baseball can do without it.

But for cats like Hal Steinbrenner, it’s another way to put more money in their pockets.

Our only hope

It turns out that the only mouth that can delay the stream of consciousness of WFAN Gasbag Craig Carton is his “partner”, Evan Roberts.

Are you wondering if Roberts can maintain the opposite momentum?

Hopefully he can. His stuff has a humorous quality. Like when Roberts told Carton: [Carton] came up with. “

Please do your best!

Around the dial

If you’re wondering what the origin of this Yankees-Amazon deal is, it might be helpful to know that Amazon already owns 15% of the Yankees Entertainment & Sports Network. The Yankees own 26% of YES. … All we can say is that fan Brandon (Tiki &) Tierney spends his time designating Knicks’ “shootaround” shirts and talking about his jersey. … There are many achievements in every radio gas bag that has tried to talk for hours about the NFL’s new overtime rules. Do you believe in coasting?

* * *

Man of the Week: Los Angeles Dodgers

For a wonderful display of compassion. The club has re-signed a contract granting access to mental health services and health insurance for former homeless player Andrew Toles, who hasn’t played since 2018. Toles is determined to bounce off in the game of his life. The Dodgers are giving him great help.


For continuing to boycott the media. His team staggers stretches that are excluded from the playoffs. His “star” Julius Randle denies the “unconfirmed rumors” that Craig Carton wants from Dorekka. Still, Knicks’s Pres is still a mama, hanging Tom Thibodeau to dry as a team mouthpiece.

Double talk

what Kyrie Irving “It is more accountability on our part to complete the regulation with more determination.”

what Kyrie Irving I was going to say: “You can’t end the game.. “


Inside the YES debut with Carlos Beltran’s Yankees, it still hurts about the Astros cheating – Reading Eagle

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