Inglis Announces $ 16.8 Million Complex for Persons with Disabilities | Local News

According to industry experts, it’s difficult to build affordable homes, and it’s just as difficult to build homes that can be used by people with disabilities. Therefore, doing both is even more difficult.

The Inglis Methodist Garden is a recently opened $ 16.8 million development in the Winfield Heights section of West Philadelphia. About half of the 47 units on the 22-acre campus of Methodist Services are specially made accessible to people with disabilities.

The development is funded by a low-income housing tax deduction from the Pennsylvania Housing and Finance Agency (PHFA), a $ 4 million grant from Aetna Better Health, Pennsylvania, and a $ 700,000 from the Federal Mortgage Bank of Pittsburgh. it was done.

Inglis Methodist Gardens is a joint venture between Philadelphia-based non-profit Methodist Services and Inglis, providing housing and other services to people with disabilities. Both have been around for over 100 years.

Since the 1800s, Methodist services have provided early childhood education, housing and mental health counseling to families facing poverty, homelessness and disabilities. This organization was established to help children who lost their parents or fell into poverty during the Civil War.

Ingris has been building housing for people with disabilities for about 50 years.

Dyann M, President of Inglis. Roth admitted that closing the deal was not easy and took about five years to complete. “It’s like the longest pregnancy I’ve ever had,” she said.

The first step was to get a tax credit from PHFA. The development of the Inglis Methodist Garden was supported by a $ 4 million grant from Aetna Better Heath.

“This is a highly competitive process with limited funding available,” Ross said. “We were able to bring some private resources to the table.”

According to Roth, when it comes to accessibility for people with disabilities, “I want to do more than the bare minimum.”

“We want people in wheelchairs to live as independently as possible,” Ross said. “Because that is our mission.”

For example, Kali Maudden, 43, a new tenant at Inglis Methodist Gardens, said he felt blessed to be in a new two-bedroom apartment with his 17-year-old daughter Kamiya.

Wooden wheelchair users were diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at an early age.

Prior to moving on November 17, Wood said he lived with his relatives in West Oak Lane in a house that was inaccessible to people in wheelchairs. She had a hard time climbing up and down the stairs and doing small household chores such as trashing and washing.

Today, her unit has a washer and dryer with automatic doors, and the same technology is used for the trash can. “We swing our arms to open and close,” Wooden said. There is also a remote control for windows and doors.

“It’s very convenient,” she said. “This is my eternal home.”

Anne Rice Barges, president of Methodist Services, said new developments were needed.

“It’s the type of home that everyone should have,” she said. “The level of emotion of the tenants when they realize that this is their new home is tremendous.”

Also, the fact that the complex is on campus means that tenants have access to all other services. More than 200 people, including the Inglis Methodist Garden, are in various stages of housing, including emergencies, shelters and temporary housing. Some tenants migrating to new development come from temporary housing on campus and now live in permanent housing.

“The advantage of working with people in temporary housing is that they can understand their needs, work with them and prepare for permanent housing so they can succeed. “Rice Barges said.

Inglis Announces $ 16.8 Million Complex for Persons with Disabilities | Local News

Source link Inglis Announces $ 16.8 Million Complex for Persons with Disabilities | Local News

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