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According to a map approved by the State Supreme Court on Wednesday, Indiana County will be divided into two parliamentary districts.

There is a committee chairman who believes the county is playing the role of a forgotten stepchild.

“We feel again that we are not being claimed in the way we really hear,” R. Michael Keith said Thursday. “With this new constituency change, we are beginning to slice Indiana County.”

To be precise, there is the 15th district, which has been rebuilt to chop 28 municipalities from the old 15th parliamentary district to the new 14th district and hold 10 in the northern layers of the county.

The rework of the parliamentary district followed the 2020 U.S. Census showing that Pennsylvania is growing, but not fast enough to retain 18 members in the U.S. House of Representatives. .. One seat was lost in the process.

Moving south into the new districts are Arma, Blairsville, Cherry Tree, Climber, Creekside, Ernest, Homer City, Indiana, Plumville, Saltsburg, Shelocta, and Armstrong, Blackrick, and Blush. The towns of Valley, Buffington, Barrel and Center. , Cherryhill, Conemaugh, East Wheatfield, Green, Pine, Rayne, South Mahoning, Washington, White, West Wheatfield, Young.

“It’s always a shame to have to divide a county like us,” said President Mark Hilliard of the Indiana County Chamber of Commerce.

It also sent a letter to the Pennsylvania Legislative Redistribution Commission requesting that Indiana and Armstrong counties remain intact in the same Senate district (which happened) and the same parliamentary district (mapped). It was against the intention of the Indiana County Commission. I went out to the Legislature and under another process that went through Governor Tom Wolfe before going to the State Supreme Court).

Mr Wolf said he was pleased with the Supreme Court’s ruling and adopted what was called the “Carter Plan” to change the constituency of Congress.

“This is a fair map that brings a parliamentary delegation that reflects the citizens of Pennsylvania,” Wolf said. “We were able to re-send members elected in a district that was fairly drawn to Washington without the benefit of either party.”

Dr. Peter Broad, chairman of the Indiana Autonomous Region Council, said there was no statement on behalf of the council, but “the direct impact of the council on local governments is minimal, or at least once influential, in the House of Representatives. That’s been the case for us since we lost Congress. “Introduction to the late Congressman John Martha of D-John’s Town.

“Personally, I’m happy to be back at least in southwestern Pennsylvania, but I’m not sure if that will improve,” Broad said. “It can’t be (probably) worse than what we have now.”

Multiple interests were involved in the court battle over the change of constituency.

Mark Steier, director of the Pennsylvania Budget Policy Center, said: “And the four districts 1, 7, 8 and 17 are competitive.”

A common cause in Pennsylvania thanked the Supreme Court for its “meticulous attention to related difficult issues” associated with remapping.

“Limitations are a series of trade-offs. County can be divided for a variety of reasons, the main reason being to achieve population equality or to maintain an interested community,” he said. Harifari, Executive Director of Common Causes, Pennsylvania, said. “It’s perfectly understandable to zoom in on a particular area, but you need to look at the map based on the big picture. It’s also important to know that there isn’t a complete map, including this one.”

The new 14th district will be the entire Somerset County (except for one district in Connectamau Township, which will be the 13th district reworked), all of Fayette, Green, Washington County, and 3 of Westmoreland County. Two-thirds (Erwin, Janet, Murrysville regions and part of Hempfield Township).

It is now home to the second Republican Rep. Guy Lessenthaler, 38, R-Peters Township (Washington County).

A veteran of the Iraq War, he was first elected as a district judge in South Hills, Allegheny County, then as a member of Parliament for the first term from District 37, and then as a member of the House of Representatives after his resignation. rice field. .. Tim Murphy.

Coincidentally, he praised “Pennsylvania’s energy” on Thursday as “at the heart of our federal economy,” and President Biden’s “dozens of reliance on this important industry and its livelihood.” I sent a fundraising email vowing to oppose “attacking all families.” .. “

Keith said the future fate of power plants in the three regions “needs a federal representative to fight for us here in Indiana and Armstrong counties.” We share the same interests in this battle. We need the expression we have been aiming for. “

Republican Senator Joe Pittman said: But I know Guy Reschen Thaler. The time in the Senate coincided with the transition from the now retired Senator Don White of Indiana to his Chief of Staff, Pittman.

“I worked with Senator White while I was with him,” Pittman said. “And he already contacted me with great excitement to learn more about our community.”

Staying on the 15th will be in the Glen Campbell, Marion Center and Smicksburg Autonomous Regions and in the towns of Banks, Canoeing, East Mahoning, Grant, Montgomery, North Mahoning and West Mahoning.

The reworked District 15 includes all of Armstrong County, Cameron, Center, Clarion, Clearfield, Clinton, Elk, Forest, Jefferson, McKean, Potter, Snyder, Tioga, Union, Warren, and Lycoming. Cumming and Venango.

Republican Rep. Glenn Thompson, 62, R-Howard Township (Center County) announced Thursday that he would seek reelection from the new district.

“I am very disappointed that the map drawn by the court does not include some of the counties and communities I currently represent, but I know that those individuals will always receive my support. “Thompson said. “I am also committed to delivering results to all PA-15 communities and continuing to provide top-notch configuration services suitable for residents.”

Thompson is the leader of the Republican House Agricultural Commission and a senior member of the House Commission on Education and Labor.

“In the short time he was our representative, he did a great job,” Keith said. “He represents us very well.”

“Representative Thompson has had great relationships with many businesses, organizations and people in the county, and he was very familiar to anyone in that role,” said Hilliard. “His leadership role in the Agricultural Commission has made it even more difficult, but we are certainly looking forward to working with Congressman Lessenthaler and hopefully with him. I look forward to seeing you soon. “

Dividing the county into two parliamentary districts does not affect the county’s election process.

“It’s no different from the (state) House of Representatives,” said Robin Mary Eye, Chief Clark of Indiana County. “You need to assign the right district to the right parliamentary area.”

Indiana County has two State Capitol districts, according to a plan approved by the Pennsylvania Legislative Reallocation Commission. 66th to the north and 62nd to the south, all members of state legislator Jim Struzzi will be part of the new 14th Parliamentary District. ..

“I’m really disappointed,” Struzzi said. “We’re going to miss (Thompson). He was a major player in Indiana County.”

Dividing the county “does not create a rhyme or reason,” Struzzi said. Still, Republicans of Indiana continued, “I’m looking forward to working with Guy Lessenthaler.”

Indiana County Divided into Subdivisions | Local News

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