In the case of the heat, Nikola Jović came to believe after seeing the pick in the first round – Reading Eagle

The story of the Serbian tycoon Nikola Jović and the Miami Heat’s draft night marriage is one of the things I fell in love with at first sight.

In the heat, he caught a skilled 6’11, 223 pound big man at the World Cup under the age of 19 in Latvia last summer. There, Jobic was nominated for the All-Tournament Team with Chet Holmgren and Jaden Ivey — like the 1st and 5th picks in the NBA Draft on Thursday, respectively.

“He was obviously really good there,” said Heat Assistant General Manager Adam Simon on Thursday night at No. 27 on Thursday night at Jobic’s drafted Friday. “He was really impressive to the child who is maturing his body.”

For Jobich, a similar first impression was needed when he attended the explosive victory of Game 5 in the Heat when he visited the Philadelphia 76ers in the finals of the Eastern Conference in May.

“The atmosphere there was crazy,” said Jobic. The first impression was great. “

Given that Jobic turned 19 on June 9th and became one of the youngest players in Heat’s history, instant attractions don’t always lead to instant success.

“Physically, he’s mature in his body,” said Simon, who heads the Draft Scout for Heat. “You can see it from the last two years. He has a good, strong shoulder and he will grow more on it.”

Due to COVID concerns, Simon and his direct staff were unable to participate in the World Cup under the age of 19. But what the European Scouts of Heat saw was enough to keep international flights open.

“He was a priority this year. We all took turns going to see him,” Simon said. “He is on our radar.”

There were enough twists and turns along the way. Heat met Jobic at a pre-draft camp in Chicago during a May training session run by his agency, but there was no training at the FTX Arena.

“He was scheduled,” Simon said, “but he was injured.”

For teams in Win-Now mode, Jovic’s timeline may not be exactly the same at this time.

“The whole draft is full of developmental players, they are very young,” Simon said. “He’s moving forward in that sense, but every player in the NBA needs development, so we’ll see.

“He can handle – 6-10 or more that can handle. He has that skill set. He watches the game. He can pass. He can find a man. It can be exciting, but I think you can learn from it. But at least he has the ability to play. We like it about him, someone of his size can treat it that way. for.

“And no matter where he shoots, he shoots with confidence. Don’t hesitate. He’s really good.”

From Kristaps Porzingis to Alexei Poxevsky, such a skilled and supple European outlook knock was on the defensive side.

But in that respect, Jović may prove to be a legitimate heat fit.

“I think kids are athletic enough, fast enough, and long enough to be able to defend in the way we want,” said Heat President Pat Riley. “The way we play, we are constantly switching. We are like basketball without this position. He has the ability to do those things. That’s what we call him. How to see. “

When it comes to how Jobic sees himself in the NBA, it’s a young player who has been playing professionally in Europe for years against older competition that is stronger than what college students are facing. is.

“I played against a grown-up man. I think that was the one that helped me the most. I was born in Leicester, England and spent the first nine years, said Jobic.

“I’m confident that if I join the game now, I can help the team. My path, my vision. What many people don’t see is better defense. I have all the switches. A big guard that can be put in. Immediate translations are my shots, pass skills, basketball IQ. “

In the end, Heat was tempted enough to take over Tyty Washington, Ohio State University forward EJ Liddell, Arkansas forward Jarin Williams, and Tennessee guard Kennedy Chandler.

“We think this kid is a fast-growing talent that couldn’t be overlooked at the age of 27 from that perspective,” Riley said. “There were other people on the board who liked it, but I think they were a duplicate of what we had. So this is a very unique player. Unique size, unique skill.”


In the case of the heat, Nikola Jović came to believe after seeing the pick in the first round – Reading Eagle

Source link In the case of the heat, Nikola Jović came to believe after seeing the pick in the first round – Reading Eagle

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