In Philadelphia, Biden focuses on workers because high inflation remains a risk – Reading Eagle


Philadelphia (AP) —President Joe Biden works on Tuesday to rebuild the US economy surrounding workers to contrast with Republicans, who are increasingly collecting blue-collar votes, to the largest trade union federation. He said he was out.

“We should encourage the union,” Biden said. “I’m not just saying it’s a parent union. I’m a pro-American, so I’m saying that.”

A speech before the AFL-CIO convention in Philadelphia was an attempt by the president to reset the terms of the economic debate as consumer prices and gasoline costs soared while the president’s own approval rate fell. did.

High levels of inflation over 40 years have plagued voters, resulting in strong employment and a healthy 3.6% unemployment rate, despite a pandemic post-recession recovery. During the coronavirus pandemic prior to the president, Tuesday’s president sought to remind the audience of the foodline and layoffs, as opposed to improving the household’s balance sheet under his supervision.

However, inflation is making many workers sick because wages are not keeping up with living expenses, despite the rapid accumulation of employment in the economy. The Ministry of Labor said Friday that inflation-adjusted average hourly wages have fallen by 3% over the past year.

Inflation weakened Biden’s and Democratic control of the House and Senate in the next midterm elections. Republican lawmakers have accused the president of the $ 1.9 trillion coronavirus bailout package, saying inflation began to rise last year. Republican lawmakers also say the Biden administration has over-restricted domestic oil production.

“The budget for working families has fallen behind the far-left hope list,” Kentucky Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell said in a speech Monday.

Biden says Republicans are focusing on tax cuts for businesses and the wealthy. Republicans argue that the 2017 tax reform has strengthened the foundation for growth by lowering corporate tax rates and increasing the competitiveness of US companies. They say growth is driven by allowing businesses and individuals to retain more of what they earn, and Biden says that legislation that enables unions and promotes family childcare benefits is a stronger middle class. He argues that it will lead to growth through the class.

Biden suggests that all Americans should pay federal income tax, Senator Rick Scott, R-Fla. I tried to direct a specific purpose to the proposal by. Many Republicans have either rejected the proposal or provided warnings because tax credits are a means of financial support for poor middle-class US families.

“Republicans are doing it all backwards. Their plans literally demand higher taxes on the middle class and workers and lower taxes on businesses and wealthy Americans,” Byden said. “I believe in bipartisanism, but I have no illusions about this Republican Party, the MAGA Party.”

The president faces a difficult battle to recover members who have been declining for decades, as workers have become difficult to organize and many factory jobs have moved away from the union’s historic community. .. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, only 10.3% of US workers last year belonged to the union, down from 20.1% in 1983.

The nature of the people who belong to the union has changed over time, as nearly half of the union members work for the government. As the movement’s blue-collar roots diversify into white-collar professions, 7.7% of manufacturing workers and 12.6% of construction workers have union cards.

Despite the decline of the union, the movement is still creating value. According to government statistics, the median membership earns about $ 10,000 more a year than unionized workers.

In Philadelphia, Biden focuses on workers because high inflation remains a risk – Reading Eagle

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