In Newtown, students of St. Andrew talk about the crucifixion of Christ and the resurrection of glory in the tradition of Holy Week – thereporteronline

NEWTOWN >> In a moving retelling of the Good Friday and Easter story, 7th grade students at St. Andrew School in Newtown are on the 14th Stations of the Cross during two performances at the school gym on April 13. Has been reproduced.

“Stations of the Cross” tells of the last few hours of Christ, from the judgment by the Pontius pilot to the crucifixion to Calvary and his crucifixion.

In a procession across the gym floor, the students portrayed Jesus’ painful walk to Calvary. Carrying a heavy cross, Jesus meets his mother, Mary, on the way. A woman named Veronica who wipes her face. Simon helps carry the cross. And a group of crying women.

Jesus falls.

At the cross, Jesus undresses, is nailed to the cross, speaks the last word, and takes a breather in the Good Friday scene remembered in the Christian world this week.

Many eyes were filled with tears as parents and students watched the corpse of Jesus being removed from the cross and placed on a white sheet.

It’s finished.

The pageant wins when the stone in front of the tomb is rolled, the fog wraps around the tomb, the resurrected Christ appears in the choir of angels, and his arms are stretched-apparent claw wounds in his hands. It culminates in a dramatic way. Tomb.

The pageant marked the return of the Stations of the Cross after two years of absence for COVID. It’s also the song of the Nosera swan, who has been planning, producing and directing shows in close collaboration with schools and 7th grade teachers for the past 15 years. Anthony, Janna and Nicholas have resigned after this year while training their replacements.

The Nosera brothers of Christ and Jesus who were resurrected this year. From left: Nicholas Nosera, Owen Bitman (Jesus), Neal Phillips (Rissen Jesus), Janna Nosera, Anthony Nosera.

“I’ve trained teachers on how to set it up and how it’s done. I also took notes, took pictures, took pictures, and put together those manuals,” says Anthony. I did. “I’ve done the same for 15 years. It’s time to leave and let someone else take over.”

Anthony, a graduate of St. Andrew who was on the Youth Ministry team, began helping the pageant in 2007. Over the years, gradually he took on more and more responsibilities. He eventually hired his brother and sister to help.

“This grade was actually born after I started this,” Anthony said.

He originally decided to stay on the pageant until Nicholas graduated. But that day went in and out in 2019. So he decided to wait until Mrs. (Nancy) Matteo retired.

“I love to see the faces of children and their reactions, parents, teachers, and crying people and see what this gives to those who are seeing and experiencing this. That’s me. It’s for Anthony, “said Anthony.

“Many children, especially at the elementary school level, think that Easter is about rabbits and sweets. By doing this, let them know the true meaning of Easter: love and family, and the sacrifice of Jesus. I want to. That’s why I’ve been doing this for so long.

“Everyone who sees or participates in this year’s pageant understands the true meaning of the Easter season and what we should strive to help and love each other as a good Christian and a good member of the community. I hope that, “Anthony added.

Neal Phillips, who portrays Jesus resurrected this year, tells his classmates and everyone who has experienced the Stations of the Cross how much Jesus has done for us. I hope that.

Owen Bitman, who painted Jesus, added: It’s great to be part of it now. And seeing it many times, being the main character is really cool. I was happy to get it back this year. “

Principal Robert Sikola, who saw the first pageant since he was appointed principal three years ago, was delighted to see this tradition for the first time in two years.

“There are many things we can teach when children can see and experience it,” Sikora said. “In addition to learning about Christ’s passion, they learn to work as a team and be together. To us, it reminds us of what our children can do. And they Always surprise us.

“They did a tremendous job,” he added. “From the narrators and performers who played the role to the dancing singers and angels, they did a great job. And in the eyes of the audience, whether it was a proud parent, a teacher, or a child. It is toning the Easter season and telling us that Jesus died for us so that we can live today’s life. “

Sikola also thanked Nosera for her many years of dedication and for her many years of faithful delivery of the Stations of the Cross to schools and communities.

“They have taught and inspired students of all ages, which will continue to live after them,” said Sikola. “They not only trained their children, but also our staff to help this tradition stay alive. The time, talent, and talent they provided to make this happen. And the blessing is just incredible. “

This year’s pageants featured Ben Robins (narrator), Catherine Myers (singer), Owen Bitman (yes), Neil Phillips (riseon yes), Julia Packapanic and Luciana Laptech ( Mary), Aidan Naus and Cole Tomoronis (Simon), Madillin Wayne and Juliana Cerniac (Veronica), Brenna Ossia and Grace Gillespie (Mary Magdalen), Andrew Kemp (Pilate), Danny Beacham (Pilate) Barabbas), Grace Gillespie, Brenna Ossia, Kate Marsden, Mary Ileo, Juliana Chelniac and Allison Walneck (crying women), Andrew Naus, Tommy Aschenbrenner, Justin Kotowicki and Jonathan Krillk (Crying Women) Soldier), Kate Schumann (predecessor of the crowd), Ryan Ramberg (Joseph of Arimathea).

The dancers were Avery Akright, Ava Charlton, Ava Garberina, Madeline McLean, Hailey O’Connell, Maddy Chan, Anya Frabizzio, Abigail Marino, Logan Murray and Olivia Selzer.

The depiction members of the crowd were Isla Christall, Gavin Miller, Nick Riely, Danny Fife, Colin Moore and Kolton Wyszynski.

In Newtown, students of St. Andrew talk about the crucifixion of Christ and the resurrection of glory in the tradition of Holy Week – thereporteronline

Source link In Newtown, students of St. Andrew talk about the crucifixion of Christ and the resurrection of glory in the tradition of Holy Week – thereporteronline

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