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The Chicago Blackhawks will retire Hall of Fame No. 81 next season, the team announced Thursday shortly after signing a one-day contract to officially retire as the Hawks.

“That’s amazing,” Hossa told Tribune. “I’m honored to be in the company and I’m really humble … I’m at the United Center in the rafters.”

The Hawks signed a ceremony contract at the United Center’s atrium before losing to Seattle Kraken 2-0 on Thursday.

“For me, Marian, the signature of Chicago’s largest free agent in sports history, was a franchise shortage,” Hawks CEO Danny Wurts said in a statement. “On ice and on ice, he marked his teammates and our organization indelible …. His humble attitude and proud work ethic when we signed him in 2009, we were superstars. It was all I could ask for. I think it’s appropriate for Marian to retire as a Blackhawk when he begins a new chapter in his life. “

Last week was a great return for Hossa.

On Sunday, he reunited with Jonathan Tows, the teammate of the three Stanley Cup winners. Toews 1,000th Game CelebrationAnd they were joined by Hawks greats on the ice, including Patrick Sharp and Brent Seabrook.

After that, Hossa’s retirement contract ceremony was held, but the permanent absence was a surprise. He is the only player in the history of the franchise to wear number 81.

“I don’t understand that yet,” Hossa said. “I was surprised when (Chairman) Rocky (Wirtz) told me the news.

“I was hoping for one thing: to sign a final contract with the Blackhawks so that I could retire as the Blackhawks. And he announced other news and gave me my number. When I retired, I was surprised. I was speechless, really grateful and humble. It’s great to end my career like that. That’s something I’ve never thought of. “

During a break on Thursday’s match, Hossa’s news was announced via a video board with a banner graphic spread out to reveal his name and number. Hossa told in-game host Jenna Rose, “It makes a lot of sense to me to be at the United Center in the rafters next year.”

The latest Hawks who retired from the sweater were Pierre Pilot and Keith Magnuson, both wearing number 3 on November 12, 2008. Others include Glen Hall (1), Bobby Hull (9) and Denis Savard (18). , Stan Mikita (21) and Tony Esposito (35).

First ballot hall of fame We chatted with the tribune about honor and other topics.

1. Hossa appreciates Chicago’s “great environment”.

Hossa’s 525 goals in five teams in the 19 NHL season are always 35th, but his important moment with the Hawks shows the two-way game he’s become famous for.

For example, Hossa was proud of his backcheck. This nullified Dustin Brown’s forecheck attempt and left Brown flat when Hawks and the Los Angeles Kings met in Game 1 of the 2014 Western Conference Finals.

Hossa’s Hawks tenure began on November 25, 2009 with two goals against San Jose Sharks, but the more important goals are the overtime winners in Game 5 of the quarterfinal series with the Nashville Predators. There was not. The Hawks won the first three championships in six years.

“My goal was always to play with the best possible ability. I knew that I and my game had some qualities, so I tried to help the team /” Hossa said. Told. “But I never thought about the Hall of Fame. I never thought about being in the rafters with great players at the United Center. But playing with the great players I did. I think I was lucky to be able to do it. Throughout my career in Chicago, I have achieved the results of the team.

“They helped me, we helped each other and won the championship together, so why I was inducted into the Hall of Fame (in November) and why I retired from the jersey is definitely a big help. I am fortunate to be in a wonderful environment and thank the team, players and coaching staff. “

2. Hossa explained how the number 18 became 81.

Winger wore number 18 at the Ottawa Senators, Atlanta Thrashers, and Pittsburgh Penguins, but switched to number 81 at the Detroit Red Wings and Hawks.

“That’s why I was 18 when I joined the National Hockey League at the age of 18. In Ottawa, there were three options, one of which was 18,” said Starr Lubovsa of Slovakia. Told. “And I told myself,’It may be a cool start.'”

“In Detroit, Kirk Maltby had already won four Stanley Cups, so I didn’t even ask him to switch numbers. So I just changed the numbers and I’ve been 81 since. I was old. Very good things happened and 81 was lucky for me in Chicago. “

What’s more, in Chicago, 18 people are most associated with fellow Hall of Fame Denis Savard.

“That’s right,” Hossa said. “That worked.”

If Hossa continued to play after the July 2018 trade to Arizona Coyotes, he could have encountered a third battle.

“It’s good I didn’t play for them because Phil loses his number when they exchange my contract with Arizona,” Hossa said with a smile.

3. Pavel Datsk influenced him as much as Hossa helped the Hawks.

Hossa spent only the 2008-09 season with the Red Wings, which had an undeniable impact on his career.

“Obviously I had the talent to score goals, but then I learned a lot from Pavel Datsk, especially from Detroit. It became a two-way player by stealing the puck and made the team that way. It helped me, “said Hossa.

Like Hossa, Datsuk obviously didn’t succumb to the attack, so if he could pay attention to defense and play away from the puck, Hossa could.

“Datsk, he was like a magical man,” Hossa said. “No one has a hand like Datsuk. (Patrick Kane) I’m really close.

“But Pavel was able to take action with body language and style (he had) on the ice.

“But what I tried to learn from him was to backcheck his abilities, lift the puck from behind, catch an unexpected man, and steal the puck.”

Datsuk helped Hossa work on his skills after practice.

“Then I slowly started learning how to get the pack out of him, which helped me get better in the game,” Hossa said. “So when I came to Chicago, I was ready to get better in the area, and I saw Johnny (Tows) or Quena doing it, and then something I was happy to grab it and use it in their game. “

4. One of Chicago’s Hossa’s greatest attractions is … Michael Jordan?

The Original Six franchise, Hawks, appealed to Hossa, a free agent, in the summer of 2009. Trading $ 63 million in 12 years was fine, but Chicago’s reputation as a big sports town was a bonus.

“When I came here, I knew I was praising him for what Michael Jordan did when I was little,” Hossa said of the Chicago Bulls’ six NBA champions. “I wasn’t even a basketball fan, but he sucked me in because he was Michael Jordan, and I became a basketball fan thanks to him.

He said Toni Kukoč, Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman enjoyed watching the game and helped get to know Chicago.

“It’s very likely that we’ll have a variety of sports to choose from in the city, so we’re happy to win the 2010 and bring the cup back to the city,” he said.

5. Hawks and Hossa are hashing his role — if they can pull him away from his food business.

“I’m talking to the Blackhawks about (about) certain possibilities,” Hossa told the Tribune. “We are having an increasingly deep conversation. I want to be involved for the future and help them in some way.”

Hossa left the game After the 2016-17 season due to eczema, skin disorders, but he wasn’t playing.

He runs a food supplier in Slovakia called the Hossa Family, has 250 employees and owns 100 vehicles.

“There are pasta, dumplings, pierogi, etc.,” Hossa said. “In addition, if you run a restaurant, you can offer different kinds of meat, fish, etc. We can deliver to you.”

It started in 2008 as a 2008 investment in his cousin’s business.

“My focus was strictly on hockey …. I told him,” I trust you, I don’t want to do anything in this business, “he said.

But the business didn’t go well.

After hockey, “I got more involved and started making changes,” Hossa said.

“I bought him, became the full owner of the company, made some changes, and then hired the right people,” he said. “We try to grow it.”


“I’m honored and really humble” – Reading Eagle

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