“If they did it, we could do it too.” – Reading Eagle

The NBA Playoffs can be as easy as getting angry and equal.

The Boston Celtics did it at the start of these best seven Eastern Conference finals on Tuesday night after the humble Game 1 defeat at the FTX Arena.

Now, when the series moves to TD Garden at Game 3 at 8:30 pm on Saturday, Heat wants the same after being beaten up by Game 2 on the home court on Thursday night.

“They tried to embarrass us. They embarrassed us,” said Forward Jimmy Butler, the only consistent presence in the heat throughout the first two games of the series.

The Celtics coach Ime Udoka’s wording about Game 1 was similar, saying “they punctured us” about the heat.

“I think we were upset then,” Udoka said of his team’s Game 2 pushback. “We were suffering.”

By its very nature, Udoka and Heat coach Erik Spoelstra generally speaks in a gentle tone. However, both have a steel-like glare that allows the message to resonate with a simple gaze.

Spoelstra often saw Heat appearing in the FTX Arena for the first time this postseason during his defeat on Thursday.

“We were really losing in many areas,” Spoelstra said prior to Friday’s heat flight. “We need to understand a few things.”

Based on changes in approach at both ends of the Game 2 floor, the Celtics apparently went to school with a Game 1 failure. However, the adjustment has transcended this week as well. Boston has now carved out defensive adjustments when Heat went to the zone that overwhelmed the Celtics at a team meeting at the 2020 East Finals.

“Miami is doing a good job with it,” said Celtics tycoon Al Horford. “Udoka has made it very simple for us. He wanted us to do it in a particular way and play at a pace. That’s what we did. . Our guys continued to read correctly. “

Therefore, adjust and readjust as the Celtics did after falling from 4-2 to the heat in the 2020 East Finals.

But it always motivates the bad and the ugly.

Therefore, in this case, we draw inspiration from the same rear-view mirror that proved to be very bright and reflective to the Celtics after Game 1.

“I don’t like to go any further because I need to be hurt. They tried to embarrass us. They embarrassed us,” Butler said calmly but sharply. “So I think we had to understand using it as fuel, but when you’re playing against a really good team like them, you can win and get the ball. Please understand that the game can get out of hand Stop.

“Overall, we have to be better. It’s a tough job to go over there and win, but if they do, we can do it too.”

Still, it was the 78-51 deficit in Game 2 of the opening match against Milwaukee Bucks last season that Heat had a half-time playoff deficit similar to the 25-point gap on Thursday’s break. Given that, there are concerns. sweep.


Closing with 29 points on Thursday and shutting out from the fourth quarter due to a biased deficit, Butler will be the third player in the franchise’s 34 seasons, scoring more than 30 in at least three consecutive playoff games. I was shy by 1 point.

Dwyane Wade did it five times (with a streak like one four-game win), and LeBron James did it three times (including five streak wins on the franchise record).

Butler scored 41 points in the series opener on Tuesday and scored more than 20 in his postseason career-the best seven consecutive games.

Thursday’s total moved him to fifth place on the Heat Postseason scorelist over Mario Chalmers. His 882 heat career postseason points only track Wade (3,864), James (2,338), Chris Bosh (1,163) and Alonzo Mourning (989).


“If they did it, we could do it too.” – Reading Eagle

Source link “If they did it, we could do it too.” – Reading Eagle

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