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ID8 Authorities of Shooting Victims at California Depot | Domestic and Global

San Jose, CA (AP) — Employees fired at a California railroad yard on Wednesday due to a flood of law enforcement agencies, killing eight people and then committing suicide, officials said. Mass slaughter as the country breaks out of coronavirus restrictions.

Photographed at around 6:30 am, two of the Valley Transportation Authority’s light rail facilities that provide buses, light rail, and other transportation services throughout Santa Clara County, San Francisco Bay’s most populous county. It was done in the building. range. San Jose facilities include a Transit Control Center, train parking, and a maintenance yard.

“At first he was still firing when our agent passed through the door. When our adjutant saw him, he killed him,” said Santa Clara County Sheriff. Laurie Smith told reporters. A member of the Diet said, “Sheriff’s office!” And passed through the corridor. He knew at that time that the firing time was over. “

The victim was identified Wednesday night by a coroner’s office in Santa Clara County. Paul Delacruz Megaia, 42 years old. Taptejdeep Singh, 36; Adrian Barreza, 29; Jose Dejesus Hernandez, 35; Timothy Michael Lomo, 49; Michael Joseph Rudometkin, 40 years old. Abdolvahab Alaghmandan, 63, and Lars Kepler Lane, 63.

The man injured in the attack was in jeopardy at the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, spokesman Joy Alexiou said.

According to two law enforcement officers, the attacker was identified as 57-year-old Sam Cassidy. The investigator did not immediately say anything about the possible motives.

His ex-wife, Cecilia Nerms, told The Associated Press that Cassidy was ill-tempered and would tell her she wanted to kill people at work. until now. “

Shivering in the news with tears, Nerms said her ex-husband went home and was angry and angry at what had happened at work. “He will get more angry,” she said when he was talking about it. “He was able to stick to things.”

When Cassidy fainted, Nerms said she was sometimes scared. She said he was someone who could physically hurt others.

Nerms said they had been married for 10 years and Cassidy filed for divorce in 2005 and had not been in contact for 13 years. She said he was being treated for depression.

Sheriff spokesman Russell Davis said he was unaware of the type of weapon used in the attack. He said the bombing force searched the railroad complex after receiving information about a potentially explosive device.

According to San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo, when the shooting began, union members representing workers at the Valley Transportation Authority were gathering, but it’s unclear if it was related to the attack. Absent.

When she heard the shot, transportation mechanic Rochelle Hawkins said she dropped her phone.

“I was running very fast. I just ran for my life,” she said. “I hope everyone prays for the VTA family. Just pray for us.”

Authorities did not identify victims, including transit employees. District attorney Jeff Rosen told reporters that the sad family sat together after learning that they had lost their loved ones.

“They just sit and hold hands and cry,” Rosen said. “It’s terrible. It’s terrible. It’s raw. People are beginning to learn that they have lost their husbands, sons, and brothers.”

One of the victims was Michael Rudmetkin, a longtime employee of VTA and a close friend of Raul Perales, a San Jose city council member who announced his death on Facebook.

“My family and I have lost a close friend for a long time, especially for his family, there is no word to explain the heartache we are feeling now,” Perales wrote. The community is also mourning. “

Other friends and family were waiting for the news because they couldn’t reach their loved ones by phone or text message. Some tracked the missing cell phone to the railroad yard, but there was no information from the authorities.

“It’s this terrible, dark moment for them, and I don’t know, but at the same time, I’m afraid of the worst,” Likert said. “I can’t imagine how terrible it would be for my spouse or parents.”

Authorities were also investigating a house fire that broke out shortly before the shooting, Davis said. According to public records, Cassidy owned a two-story house supported by firefighters. The fire brigade discovered a fast-moving flame after being notified by a passerby. Neighboring homes were also on fire, officials said.

Doug Sue, who lives across from Cassidy, told Mercury News in San Jose that Cassidy was “lonely” and “strange” and that no one had ever seen him visit.

“I greet you, and he will just look at me without saying anything,” Sue said. Once upon a time, Cassidy shouted to stay away from him while he was backing up his car. “After that, I never talked to him again.”

Cassidy has been working for the Valley Transport Authority since at least 2012, according to a public payroll and pension database known as Transparent California. His position from 2012 to 2014 was listed as a mechanic. After that, he maintained the substation, the record said.

Governor Gavin Newsom spoke emotionally in front of the courthouse, where the flag was flying half-mast, and the relatives of the victim “waited for contact from the coroner, waiting for contact from any of us , Their son, their dad, their mom are still alive. “

The Sikh Coalition tweeted that it understood that “the facility employs many Sikhs.” “The community is in our prayers and hearts and we want to learn more,” said a New York-based advocacy group. It was after four Sikhs were killed in an April shooting at the FedEx warehouse in Indianapolis.

Bloodshed occurred last year as a pandemic closed many public places and trapped people in their homes, followed by an increase in genocide.

A database edited by The Associated Press, USA Today and Eastern University, which tracks all genocide over the last 15 years, shows that the San Jose attack was the 15th genocide so far in 2021. It shows that everything is shooting.

Eighty-six people were killed in mass shootings, compared to 106 in 2020. This is the sixth mass slaughter in public in 2021. With the addition of small incidents, the overall victims of gun violence are much higher.

At the White House, President Joe Biden ordered the flag to fly half-mast and urged Congress to act under legislation to curb gun violence.

“Every life a bullet takes goes through the soul of our country. We can and must do more,” Biden said in a statement.

San Jose, the tenth largest city in the United States with a population of over one million, is about 50 miles (80 km) south of San Francisco in the heart of Silicon Valley.

The train was already out in the morning when the shooting took place. The light rail service was suspended and replaced by a bus bridge, agency Chairman Glenn Hendrix told reporters.

The attack on Wednesday was the second mass shooting in Santa Clara County in less than two years. At the popular garlic festival in Gilroy in July 2019, gunmen killed three people and then themselves.

Gilroy’s attack came to Mayor Likert’s head on Wednesday, flooded with text messages reporting shootings and fires.

“Never again,” he thought when he jumped into the car and ran towards the city hall. Transportation officials told him he knew Cassidy.

“You’re trying to figure out what owns someone who does that much harm,” Rickard said on the phone.


Associated Press writers Janie Har of San Francisco, John Antczak and Stefanie Dazio of Los Angeles, and Michael Balsamo and Colleen Long of Washington contributed to this report.

ID8 Authorities of Shooting Victims at California Depot | Domestic and Global

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