“I still know it’s good enough” – Reading Eagle

Keegan Thompson knows that pitchers can get rough during the season.

His time came on Tuesday night at Camden Yard. Thompson’s start to the Baltimore Orioles was, surprisingly, his first outing in the 13 appearances of the season he struggled with.

It was clear that early Thompson did not fool the Orioles batter with a 9-3 defeat. He played in the game with only three home runs in 54⅓ innings, but his right-handed match on Tuesday.

The Orioles kicked off the bottom of the first home run with a series of home runs by Cedric Mullins and Trey Mancini. Jorge Mateo led Thompson to a three-run home run.

Thompson was sent off after giving up seven runs in three innings. He abandoned a total of six earned runs in the first four starts of the season.

“There are lots of pitches to hit and lots of things in the zone. We don’t often bite into anything,” said manager David Ross.

Thompson walked one, hit one, and hit two batters. After that, he said he didn’t have the usual stuff.

“I will work with what you have and try to sell some,” he said. “It didn’t work tonight. We’ll spend those nights from time to time. Not all of them will be good. You just have to wash it and move on.”

Thompson’s self-confidence hasn’t shaken after one bad start. He had a hard time ending last season — 7.11 ERA in the last six weeks — taught Thompson how to deal with adversity at the Major League level.

“That is, I know it will happen, and I still know that I have enough ability to get rid of the guy,” Thompson said. “So I think experiencing those struggles last year helped me mentally survive a night like tonight.”

Thompson suspected that his stride on Tuesday was a little shorter than usual, and probably dragged his arm back. His details caught his attention when he saw pictures of his deliveries from other outings compared to those on Tuesday. Thompson planned to investigate his theory the next day.

“We’re just looking at still photos of where the forefoot landed tonight and other nights to see if that’s the problem,” Thompson explained. “It was one of the pictures and it was a bit misguided to me.

“If so, I will work on it with a bullpen.”

With just 11 career big league starts, Thompson may have been down for a performance like Tuesday. Especially if there is no guarantee of how long the rotation will stay.

But Thompson’s self-confidence and belief in his abilities are important attributes at this level. Riding too high or too strong a low can derail the player. Thompson seemed to take the right approach off night.

Ross did not overreact to Thompson’s start.

“It’s about going out and going back to the process of analyzing what’s wrong and what he’s done better. I think we can see them all from that perspective,” Ross said. Said. .. “Keep staying true to his process. His process was pretty good this season.

“So, yes, we want to throw it away mentally and forget about our mistakes, but we also want to try to learn something from it.”


“I still know it’s good enough” – Reading Eagle

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