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Washington (AP) —Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky appealed to the U.S. Parliament to do more to support Ukraine’s fight against Russia on Wednesday with Pearl Harbor on September 11, 2001. It evoked memories of the terrorist attacks. However, he admitted that no-fly zones, which he aimed to “close the sky” to his Russians, may not occur.

Zelensky, livestreamed to the Capitol, said the United States must sanction Russian lawmakers and block imports. However, he sought other military aid to thwart Russia’s airstrikes, rather than a compulsory no-fly zone.

For the first time in a public speech to world leaders, he showed a graphic video of the destruction and devastation that his country suffered in the war and the tragic scene of civilian casualties in a packed auditorium of legislators.

“I need you right now,” Zelensky said. “I call on you to do more.”

Parliamentarians gave standing ovations before and after his brief remarks. Zelensky started in Ukrainian through his interpreter, but switched to English with his heartfelt appeal to end his bloodshed.

“If it can’t stop death, I have no meaning in life,” he said.

As the three weeks of the intensifying war approached, Zelensky used the global stage to call on Allied leaders to stop Russia’s invasion of its own country. The conversion from an actor to a president is often drawn from history and emphasizes his appearance.

As the United States seeks to avoid direct conflict with Russia, President Joe Biden’s administration has been short of providing no-fly zones and moving military aircraft from neighboring Poland.

Biden was to give his own speech following Zelensky’s speech, and was expected to announce an additional $ 800 million in security assistance to Ukraine, according to White House officials. This brings the total announced last week to $ 1 billion. This includes money for anti-air and air defense weapons, according to officials who were not allowed to comment publicly and spoke on anonymous terms.

Zelenskyy has emerged as a heroic figure at the heart of Europe’s greatest security threats and what many see since World War II. Almost 3 million refugees have fled Ukraine, the fastest escape in modern times.

Zelinsky, wearing the now-traded army green T-shirt, went to the World Trade Center in 2001 with the destruction suffered by the United States when Japan bombed a naval base in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii in 1941. Raised the attack and began speaking to “American friends.” And the Pentagon by the militants who commanded passenger planes to clash with the symbols of western democracy and economy.

“Do you remember Pearl Harbor? … Do you remember September 11th?” Zelenzkyy asked. “Our country is now experiencing the same thing every day.”

The US Parliament remained significantly united in support of Ukraine, and lawmakers steadily emerged with their determination.

Senator Angus King independent of Maine. During Zelensky’s speech, he said there was a “breathtaking group” in the room. Lisa Murkowski, Republican Senator of Alaska, said: It’s closed. “The majority, Whip Dick Durbin, called the address tragic, saying,” I’m doing a blank check on sanctions. I’m doing anything I can to prevent this Russian advance. ” rice field.

Outside the Capitol, the demonstrators had the big sign they saw when the lawmakers returned to the office. “No-fly zone = World War 3.”

The Ukrainian president is not a stranger to Congress, as he played a central role in Donald Trump’s first impeachment. As president, Trump was accused of refraining from security assistance to Ukraine because he pressured Zelensky to dig up the dirt of his political rival Biden. Zelenskyy refused to impeach or convict Trump from a huge screen on Wednesday, but many of the same Republicans are now one of the bipartisan members seeking military aid to Ukraine. I talked to.

He thanked the Americans, saying that Ukraine was grateful for the overflow of support, even though he urged Biden to do more.

“You are the leader of the country. You want to be the leader of the world,” he said. “Being a world leader means being a peace leader.”

It was a recent visit as Zelenskky uses the great western legislature to appeal for help. Calling Shakespeare’s Hamlet last week, Zelensky asked the British House of Commons if Ukraine was “should live or die.” On Tuesday, when he addressed Parliament of Canada and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, he appealed to “Dear Justin.” Zelenskyy called on European Union leaders to have a politically unthinkable and swift Ukrainian membership at the beginning of the war. He continues to seek more help to save young democracy than world leaders have ever promised.

To Congress, he mentioned the face of the former President of Mount Rushmore and told lawmakers that the people of his country wanted to live “the dreams of our country, just as you have.” ..

“Democracy, independence, freedom.”

Biden argues that Ukraine does not have U.S. forces on the ground, resisting Zelensky’s relentless plea for military aircraft as too risky and could escalate to a direct confrontation with nuclear-armed Russia. ..

“The direct conflict between NATO and Russia is World War III,” Biden said.

Zelenskyy seemed to acknowledge the political reality.

“Is this too much to ask to create a no-fly zone over Ukraine?” He asked in answer to his question. “If this is too much, we will offer an alternative,” he said, seeking a weapons system to help fight Russian aircraft.

Already, the Byden administration has over 600 Stinger missiles, 2,600 Javelin bulletproof vest systems, unmanned aerial system tracking radar, grenade launchers, 200 shotguns, 200 machine guns, about 40 million small weapons ammunition, helicopters and patrols in Ukraine. I sent it to. Boats, satellite imagery, bulletproof vests, helmets and other tactical equipment, according to US officials.

The White House is considering giving Ukraine access to a US-made switchblade that can fly and attack Russian targets, according to those familiar with issues that are not allowed to speak publicly. I am.

Parliament has already approved $ 13.6 billion in military and humanitarian aid to Ukraine, and the newly announced security aid comes from its allocation, which is part of a broader bill that Biden signed the law on Tuesday. Will come.


Associated Press writers Zeke Miller, Mary Clare Jalonick, Aamer Madhani, Ellen Knickmeyer, Farnoush Amiri, Kevin Freking, Alan Fram, Nomaan Merchant, Chris Megerian, Raf Casert (Brussels), Jill Lawless (London), Aritz Parra (Madrid) , Video journalist Rick Gentilo in this report.

“I need you now” – Daily Local

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