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“I love Mardi Gras:” Carnival Spirit takes over New Orleans | News

New Orleans — A drinker, adorned with traditional purple, green and gold, came out to a party on Fat Tuesday in New Orleans’ first formal wear. Mardi Gras Since 2020, fun includes a series of parades throughout the city and marching across the French Quarter. COVID-19 (new coronavirus infection) Only needed in indoor public spaces.

The parade route is shorter than usual. Not enough police In the standard case, even if there are officers working on a 12-hour shift as usual on the day to the end of the Mardi Gras or Carnival season.

“I love Mardi Gras,” she said, wearing a purple jacket with sequined lapel, a pale blue tutu with pink stripes, a black hat with small horns at the top and pink feather fringes. Todd Eber said. Join the festival on Tuesday by ferry across the Mississippi River.

“This is the best time of the year. Last year was sad,” he said.

Costumed parties gathered before dawn, and the Northside Skull & Bone Gang, dressed as skeletons, awakened the city’s Treme district and reminded everyone of their death. Since then, it has been “have a good time”, with celebrations taking place in almost every corner of the city and Bourbon Street rituals taking place in the middle of the night.

Along Jackson Avenue in the city’s Central City district, crowds were bundled in blankets while waiting for the Zulu Social Assistance and Pleasure Club parade, which began decades ago as a mockery of the White Festival. People wore sequined jackets, kids played soccer with the throws caught in the previous parade, and the speakers behind the track boomed with the sound of “Mardi Gras Mambo”.

“This is Christmas for me. I miss Christmas more than Mardi Gras,” said the man, who was waiting for the parade with his son, calling himself Bosky Love. Last year he was “disappointed”. He still cooked turkey at home and drove around to see the house decorated like a float, but it wasn’t the same. He said he loves almost everything in Mardi Gras: crowds, atmosphere, people, happiness.

“It’s the biggest party in the world,” he said.

Further down the street, Nikia Dillard wore gold, purple and green false eyelashes and took pictures with a group of girlfriends and family she had gathered to see Zulu in the same place for years. .. After spending a “mental” celebration at home last year, it was good to be back to something close to normal.

“It feels great. We have been cooperating, quarantined and trying to take responsibility for a long time, but we are still responsible,” she said, and her group was vaccinated and He received a booster shot and said he had a mask.

Mobile, Alabama, the birthplace of Mardi Gras, was also unable to hold a full-scale carnival last year due to COVID-19. Some restaurant managers say they’re still struggling to get the job done, leading to strange sights. Of an empty table while people line up outside the door here and there. But a few hours before the first Fat Tuesday parade, the music was already ringing downtown as the family used grass chairs to stake out the spot behind the police barricade on Government Street.

The revival of the carnival season was a very necessary benefit for businesses in New Orleans, where famous restaurants and music venues were restricted or closed for months.

The crowd on Tuesday could set a record for Mardi Gras at the Superior Seafood & Oyster Bar, a 10-year-old restaurant at the beginning of the truncated parade route.

“It feels like that, with the weather and the general feeling of New Orleans,” said General Manager John Michael Roland during the noon rush. “Mardi Gras is a symbol that we are us and we welcome everyone.”

However, hotel occupancy is expected to decline by about 19.5% from 2020 to about 66%, said New Orleans & Co, the official sales and marketing organization for the tourism industry in New Orleans. Spokesman Kelly Schultz said.

The parade was canceled last year as authorities noticed that a crowded crowd in 2020 created a super-spreader event, making the city an early southern hotspot for COVID-19. Instead, people decorated their homes like floats as a way to keep the Carnival Spirit alive.

After the arrival of the Zulu, the elaborate and fantastic floats of Rex, the self-proclaimed king of the carnival, will be introduced by a group of well-established businessmen in the high society. In other parts of the town Mardi Gras Indians Tribe It came out after spending months on their intricate beaded outfits. And the French Quarter was overtaken by members of a small marching group in elaborate costumes.

Max Materne and his wife were walking in the French Quarter wearing mushroom costumes with their two children (jokingly called spores) on a wagon. Materne from New Orleans said the day was the culmination of a wonderful carnival season for him and his family.

“It’s really great that the whole world feels this right now, so I wish there was a carnival everywhere,” he said.

The Associated Press author Jay Reeves of Mobile, Alabama contributed to this report.

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“I love Mardi Gras:” Carnival Spirit takes over New Orleans | News

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