Hurricane season adds to challenges for car dealers and customers | Pennsylvania News

Emmaus, PA-Pandemic was a difficult time to buy and lease a car. The process becomes even more difficult as supply chain problems continue and the hurricane season arrives.

“Most people are unaware, whether it’s the hurricane Aida that hit us a few weeks ago or the wildfire in the west, but those events require quite a few vehicles. “Andrew Wright, Managing Partner of Vinart Dealerships, said.

The past few months have become even more difficult for Lehigh Valley and New Jersey dealers, whose entire fleet of vehicles has been wiped out by natural disasters and has already been hit hard by pandemics.

“The chip shortage, along with all the other disruptions in production, logistics, transportation, and transportation, is just like a perfect storm,” Wright said.

This is because people who lost their cars in the flood are looking for a car as soon as possible.

For Emmaus’ family-owned Vinart dealers, new car inventories are around 10%, while used car inventories are close to 35-50%.

It hasn’t put a brake on every business, but it has certainly changed the way it is done.

“Last month we were still delivering 543 cars in groups, so what’s happening is that cars are coming in and people are picking them up and selling them to the pipeline,” Wright said. rice field.

Vehicles move in and out of barren lands in an instant.

Certain brands are produced faster than other brands, given the COVID requirements and restrictions of the country in which they originate.

People are spending money on cars that will not be delivered until next year. Instead of getting two sets of keys when they finally come in, some drivers are missing parts and the second set is being emailed.

Due to the shortage of parts, the waiting time for repairs and maintenance is also long.

“There is a shortage of simple things like oil filters,” Wright said.

Vinart has informed leasing customers to give their leasing customers time to plan months earlier than usual.

“Our traditional leaseholding process begins in six months,” Wright said. “We may have nine, twelve, or even fifteen months to let people know about it.” This is the market situation. You may want to start thinking about your next car. . “

Trade-in prices remain higher than ever.

“If you’re thinking about trading or are in danger of trading with a car you currently own, there’s never been a better time to find out where the value of a used car is,” Wright said. “As I always tell people, if you have any doubts, trade in your car.”

Some experts do not expect supply conditions to improve until mid-2022, but the situation remains fluid.

Vinart recommends that you start searching for new vehicles at least three months in advance.

“If you’re thinking of a new car by the end of the year, start thinking now and start shopping now,” Wright said.

Vinart employs 373 people and operates a collision center in addition to the Acura, Honda, Hyundai, Mercedes-Benz and Porsche franchises.

Hurricane season adds to challenges for car dealers and customers | Pennsylvania News

Source link Hurricane season adds to challenges for car dealers and customers | Pennsylvania News

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