HS Baseball: Wyoming Area defeats Lehman and takes first place in Thailand

Edwardsville — Jack Mattis returned the Wyoming area to the game on Wednesday and helped drive Ray Kleeman out of it.

Infield hits began with 5 runs and 6 as Mattis scored a two-run triple in the fourth inning, and the Warriors defeated Lehman 10-4 at Wilkes University and forced Thailand in Division 2 of the Wyoming Valley Conference Baseball.

Both teams are currently 7-1 in the division. The Wyoming area improved to 11-2 overall and Lehman dropped to 10-4. The match was shifted from Misaricordia University due to field conditions.

Mathis hit a two-run triple in the deep center and drew Joe Coralusso and Casey Noon with a score of 4-4. Following Evan Melberger, he pushed a double into the right field line, giving the Warriors a 5-4 lead.

Then, on the sixth inning, Mathis stepped into one to three infield hits (one of the three innings’ Wyoming areas), starting the frame and causing a five-run explosion. Junior shortstops are weeping on the plate throughout the season. He entered the game by hitting .463, which is more than 100 points better than last year’s average.

“Last year I took a scarier approach,” said Mathis. “I was new to Wikiversity baseball. This year I am much more confident in myself with the plate and my team.”

After Matisse’s infield hit, Melberger did the same on the other side of the diamond. Mathis raced to 3rd place and scored on Jake Kelleher’s sacrifice fly. JJ Hood hit infield hits and Melberger was third with a slow error.

After that, Hunter Lawall made a single in the center right to make it 7-4. The other three runs scored due to errors, bases loaded walks to Coralusso and wild pitches.

Hood threw 6.2 innings to win. He went out for a rough bailout against Lehman on April 25th with the defeat of 4-29 innings, surprisingly walking 4 in 3 innings.

“It wasn’t like they hit him last time,” said Rob Lemoncelli, director of Wyoming Area. “He was a little out of the zone and walked a few guys that weren’t his hallmark. I thought we were in the first game and we really did today. The difference is in the first game. There was a man in the scoring position and I didn’t get that big hit in two strikes. It was the exact opposite today. “

Wednesday didn’t start well for Hood either.

Lehman’s Cole Kaiser opened the first in a triple and scored in a double in Graydon Finalelli. Nick Finarelli took a 2-0 lead with his cousin Graedon. Graedon Finarelli has added a second two-run double to give the Black Knights a 4-0 advantage.

After that, Hood retired nine of the next ten Lehman batters, six of whom struck out. Ty Federici hit a two-out double in the fifth inning, and was the only hit that Black Knights turned off Hood two times later.

“I learned one thing from last year’s coaching and this year’s coaching,” said Lehman coach Mike Solti. “Sometimes it’s better to lose than to win. The kids were overpriced in the first two innings. They came out, did it twice the first time, twice the second time, and everywhere. Hit the ball.

“Then my emotions changed. They started coming back and you needed to give them credit. They came back and did a great job.”

Wyoming Area 10, Lake Lehman 4

Wyo. Area`AB`R`H`BI

Matisse ss`4`3`3`2

Melberger cf`4`2`3`1

Kelleher c`4`0`0`2

Hood p`4`0`1`0

B. Everyone cr`0`1`0`0

Lawall 1b`4`1`1`1

Morgan rf`4`1`1`0

Novakowski 3b`3`0`1`0

Coralusso dh`2`1`2`1

Moser lf`0`0`0`0

C.Noone 2b`4`1`0`0

Total `33`10`12`7

Lehman `AB`R`H`BI

C. Kaiser cf`2`2`1`0

G. Finalelli c`3`0`2`3

Nowgle cr`0`1`0`0

C.Sholtis dh`3`0`0`0

Wallace 3b`1`0`0`0

Federichi 1b`3`0`1`0

Bukolz 1b`0`0`0`0

S.Finarelli ph`1`0`0`0

N. Finalelli p`2`0`1`1

Bean ss`3`0`0`0

M.Sholtis 2b`3`0`0`0

Morio lf`3`1`1`0

E. Kaiser rf`2`0`0`0

Total `26`4`6`4

Wyoming Area `002`305`0— 10

Lake Leeman `220`000`0— 4

2B — Melberger 2, G.Finarelli 2, Federici, N.Finarelli. 3B — Matisse, C. Kaiser.

Wyoming area `IP`H`R`ER`BB`SO

Hood W`6.2`6`4`4`2`10


Lehman `IP`H`R`ER`BB` SO

N. Finalelli L`5.0`8`5`1`3`10

Federichi `0.1`4`5`2`2`0

C. Kaiser `1.2`0`0`0`0`3

HS Baseball: Wyoming Area defeats Lehman and takes first place in Thailand

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