How To Successfully Resell Hosting Plans

If you’re a web professional who already has some clients, you may be thinking about reseller hosting. It’s an industry with huge potential and is especially beneficial as an extra value-added service.

If you have existing clients who require hosting services, you can purchase bulk hosting spaces and then resell them for a healthy profit. It’s a great way to add a recurring revenue stream to your business. In addition, you have zero upfront costs to invest in expensive infrastructure.

Learning how to resell web hosting may seem daunting, but it’s well worth your time. Here are four simple steps to follow to help you successfully resell hosting plans:

Build a marketing strategy

You must develop a strong marketing strategy that will put your hosting services on the map. The simplest way to do this is by advertising on your website. If you make it clear on your website that you now offer hosting in addition to your existing services, you’re likely to attract business from your current clients.

It’s also essential to make your advertising as attractive as possible. People are drawn to visual content, so using enticing graphics or YouTube videos should be part of your strategy for success.

Choose a hosting partner

Reliable reseller hosting requires an effective hosting partner that suits the needs of your business and customers. It’s also imperative to make sure that you select a plan packed with features that benefit you and your clients. Helpful elements for your ideal customer include:

  • High uptime rates- Uptime is the amount of time the server is available and is generally given as a percentage. If a hosting provider has strong uptime rates, it’s a good indication that their server performs well.
  • Positive customer reviews- Your service will be nothing without a strong level of customer support and the ability to answer queries quickly and efficiently.
  • White label branding- The ability to resell the hosting services with your own brand and logo is critical.
  • High level of performance- There are so many options available to clients that they may look elsewhere if their web hosting isn’t performing at the desired level.

hen searching for a hosting partner, it’s also essential to look for statistics about the hosting partner, including their network, servers, and client satisfaction rating.

Set your prices

It’s vital to decide on the right price to charge clients for your services. You also need to decide how you will notify customers that a payment is due. You have complete control over this and are free to amend it at any time. Customers value quality over quantity, so as long as you’re ticking all the right boxes, you can charge as much as you want. Once you’ve determined your prices, an automated billing system may come in handy.

The primary purpose of web hosting billing applications is to maintain your hosting business and provide customers with a positive experience. Therefore, it’s beneficial to choose a system with built-in support management, which will allow you to easily access crucial information about your clients and quickly resolve any issues they may have.

Provide customer support

When customers are experiencing problems, their first point of contact will be the company providing that service. Therefore, it’s essential to make sure that you have the time and resources to keep up with customer queries. If you opt for a quality partner, you may find that 24/7 tech support comes as part of your package. This will make your life easier and keep your customers happy, making them likely to stay longer.

Final thoughts

If you are running a web development business or offering maintenance packages, reseller hosting could be an excellent option for earning some additional income. It enables you to provide a more varied service to your customers and helps you expand your clientele.

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