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How to Increase Sales with Video Content

Sometimes a well-thought-out Instagram boomerang can become the selling point for your brand. However, there are still so many brands that have not ventured into the video marketing space. Mainly because they do not know where to start and what kind of videos to create. That is all going to change, right here, in this post. Here are the top video content formats that you need to create to receive never-ending sales. Let’s dive in.

Introduction Videos

The front page of any business website is a great place to add an introduction video about the brand and its products and services. This particular video can introduce your customers to so many aspects of your business. For example, your management team and your manufacturing or service operations.

When you run an e-commerce business wherein your customers may never get to meet you in person, these introductions can humanize your brand and build trust. The ideal place for an introduction video is the home page. However, you can also sprinkle introductory videos across your website like on the contact us page, team page, product, and services page, and more.

Customer and Expert Testimonials

You can not crack a sale without showing a previously successful sale. Testimonials are truly the key to selling and video content is the best format to showcase an impactful testimonial. This is because a video shows both verbal and nonverbal communication.

Thanks to the power of visuals, non-verbal cues like body language can also be communicated via video. Such success stories also turn out to be more believable than written quotes by customers or other brands. Audiences get to see the excitement on the person’s face. They get to feel the emotion behind their story and emotion is what sells at the end of the day. Moreover, including your best customers in the video will show them how much you appreciate them.

The best way to get high returns from testimonials is to split them between customers and experts. On one hand, customers need to relate to the person in the video having problems as their own. They also need to explore how other customers are using your product. On the other, they would like some credibility from experts to back your products and services. If you have a decent budget, you can go a notch higher and rope in celebrities in your testimonials to enhance your brand image.

Behind-The-Scenes Videos

If you have an interesting story behind your manufacturing like an elaborate block printing process, show it! Your audience will enjoy witnessing the craftsmanship that goes into the creation of your products. You can also showcase your distribution line. The more you get your audience involved in the process, the more invested they will be in your final product or services.

Product Demo

In a product demonstration, you are presenting your product to the audience. Your marketing can not get any more straightforward than that to increase your sales. A product demo video goes in-depth into the features and benefits of your product.

Most likely, a speaker explains the workings of the product and highlights reasons for your audience to buy the product. This helps in building excitement for your product in the minds of the audience. Plus, it can overcome any objections that may have been difficult to convey in any other format. The combination of the audio and video media makes this product demo far superior to any other sales letter you may have put out for your product.

Remember that the best product demo videos are short. You do not need to show your audience every single thing your product does. Use an easy online video editor to edit and keep just enough to get them excited to buy it.

Spot Commerical Videos

The most classic kind of video is a 15 to 30 seconds commercial as known as the spot. How the spot video should play out largely depends on the business you are into and the story you want to tell but the purpose of all spot videos is the same. To be distributed virtually everywhere. For example, before YouTube videos, during a commercial break, or even before the trailers start at the movies.

The duration of this video is also perfect for sharing on Facebook and Instagram. The not-so-short and not-so-long length hit the social media sweet spot perfectly.

Explainer “How-To” Videos

More educational and less promotional, the explainer videos tell the story of your ideal customer’s journey. It starts with dealing with their problem, finding your product as the solution, and witnessing successful results with your product. Most explainer videos are animated with a voiceover but they can have live-action as well.

Educational videos may not result in direct sales but they would support sales in the long run by building customer loyalty. If your business deals with gardening tools, your explainer videos can be a series of “how-to” videos on gardening. If you manufacture cookware, you could create videos around recipes. Sure the focus of the video will be on the food, but having your products in the video can help you to increase sales and customer loyalty. Make sure that your explainer videos are short, keep them under 2 minutes. You also need the video to be clear and have a catchy CTA at the end.

Event Coverage Videos

From trade shows and conferences to company meetings, every event your brand participates in has a takeaway or at least one story to tell. Video is the best media to bring out such kinds of stories. When you are at the next event, record the happenings or interview other participants. There are limitless opportunities there to create a story that gets your audience excited about your product.

What are You Waiting for?

No matter what KPIs you are trying to achieve for your brand – whether it’s increasing sales, sharing a vision, or engaging your audience, high-quality video content can do all of that and much more. Start producing engaging videos today to grow your audience and build your brand in a dynamic way.

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