How To Choose And Select Truck Tires

Choosing truck tires includes much more than selecting the correct brand or size. It is related to knowing the factors that affect performance and finding suitable options for the type of load, routes and weather conditions.

Truck tires are designed to be safe and strong. A good tire favors displacement, the use of energy, and offers superior performance of the entire vehicle. One of the best ways to choose truck tires is to follow these guidelines:

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Select the right tire size

The size of truck tires is regulated by regulations according to the type of load. In general, each vehicle incorporates the ideal measures according to the manufacturer. Using the correct tires allows reaching the maximum load of the truck with greater safety.

Another important aspect is the width of the tires; Well, for some trucks, it is even recommended to use double tires on some of the axles for greater support. In any case, the standards manual of the European Technical Organization for Wheels and Tires (ETRTO) offers all the necessary information.

Consider the position on the axis

It is important to take into account the position of the axle where the tire will be located. In general terms they can be directional or trailer; and there are technical specifications that must be met for each case.

Directional tires: They are located at the front of the truck, require good traction and are designed to expel water when driving on wet roads or during rain.

Trailer tires: they are located on the rear axles and no torsion force is exerted on them, but the impulse they receive from the directional movement. However, they must offer great resistance to support the load that they will tow.

Know the type of tire material

Although tires are made of rubber, their structure is usually reinforced to improve their resistance. The main idea is to support weight and long journeys; therefore, its components often include layers of nylon and steel mesh to ensure its durability.

When choosing truck tires keep in mind their density, the presence of protection layers and if they have anti-puncture technology; as these tires are expected to be under a lot of stress.

Evaluate road conditions

It is common for a truck to be designed to fulfill a specific function or route, whether for the transport of merchandise, passengers, heavy cargo, urban displacement or other. This makes it possible for the driver to know the type of road and the usual weather conditions, facilitating the task of choosing tires for the truck.

In the market you can find different types of tires, although due to the type of vehicle, most manufacturers offer tires that adapt to different types of weather.

final considerations

Keep in mind the manufacturer’s instructions and use only the tires recommended for your truck. It will also be necessary to know its installation date to make the calculations related to its estimated useful life.

When changing tires, consider replacing all of them. If this is not possible, always place tires of the same make and model and in similar conditions on the same axle to promote stability. And pay attention, because others may be close to doing it.

The good condition of the brakes and the transmission of the vehicle will help to maintain the integrity of your tires for a longer time; This way you will avoid accidents and save money. Finally, consult with specialists when choosing truck tires and get their professional advice.


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