How to choose a cybersecurity firm?

On the one hand, cybersecurity is a collection of measures in the form of laws, regulations and standards.  Industry-specific solutions, hardware and software and, above all, qualified personnel.  A company’s cybersecurity encompasses many technologies, processes, and controls.  This requires special attention in financing and risk assessment, as well as experienced and professional management.

The primary goal of cybersecurity is to protect computer systems, including hardware and software, data and digital infrastructure, from unauthorized access and other damage or inaccessibility.

It is no surprise that cybercrime is on the rise in an increasingly digital society.  The cost of doing business is also increasing.  A typical data breach is worth $ 3.92 million, according to a 2019 IBM study.

Due to the huge financial risks, cybersecurity services are in high demand.  Large corporations can afford to hire cybersecurity experts.  On the other hand, small and medium-sized organizations can rarely afford full-time cybersecurity staff.  However, there is always a choice.

Business cybersecurity is critical to the success of businesses of any size.  While large companies have full-fledged IT departments to respond to threats and prevent leakage of sensitive data, small and midsize businesses do not pay close attention to where the big mistake lies.

Cybercriminals today use the following systems:

* Fraud with cards and payment systems;

* Cheating users by creating fake online stores;

* By imitating the sale of goods (services) through online auctions, virtual message boards;

* Telephone and other scams to collect personal payments.

 Know what you need

Before looking for a company, you need to accurately determine the goals.  You need to understand what needs to be protected. For example you need cybersecurity software testing. You can even conduct an audit before starting your search for the desired company.

 Shortlist the Best Services and Look at Their Reputation and Experience

Make a small list with leading companies and explore their features and offerings.  Each company has its own advantages, promotions and unique offers.  It is necessary to carefully analyze each company.  Also, it does not hurt to look for reviews about the work of the company, most often they are the ones who tell the truth.  Consider the experience and time of the company, as this also plays an important role.

 Evaluate Their Team

Each team consists of competent people in a specific area.  Before contacting any company, it is also important to look at and evaluate the composition of the team.  It is necessary to analyze their credentials, look at their work experience, and also consider examples of finished projects.  It is also a good idea to look at the certifications and education of the team members, as it is very important that the person does not stand still and constantly disperses and moves forward.

 Slice and Dice Their Services

Don’t be afraid to call and consult with the company.  This perfectly shows the level of their knowledge.  Ask how they will solve the problem and what is needed for this, for example for insurance software development.This will show their professionalism and willingness to work with you. If these are the best cybersecurity companies to work for, then such companies are also worth considering.

 Make a Decision

And only after a complete and thorough analysis, make a choice of exactly the company that seemed to you the best among all.


Finding a good cybersecurity company is not as easy as it might seem at first glance.  However, after a full analysis of the various options, the decision comes by itself.


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