How often do lawns need to be mowed?

Everyone likes a well-tendered lawn. But few can actually tell the amount of money, time, and resources that go into taking care of your lawn. If you mow your lawn too often, you’ll damage the grass and leave unwanted batches. But if you wait for too long, you’ll lose the perfection of your lawn. So, the trick is to do it just right which will give you exceptional results.

How often do lawns need to be mowed?

Factors that influence how you mow your lawn

It’s quite clear that different lawns require different care and attention. Even lawns in the same blocks will cost different to tender. Here are some of the factors that influence lawn mowing services;

Size of the lawn

 This is a no-brainer, the bigger the lawn, the more it will cost you. Even if you decide to DIY, there is still a substantial amount of time and energy needed.


How much are you willing to put into lawn mowing services? If you are on a tight budget, you may want to save as much as possible. This may require some DIY or suppressed hiring services.

Type of service needed 

If you require some sophisticated mowing, like special shapes and images on your lawn, you may have to pay more than usual.

Time of the year 

It may sound obvious but the time and season you’re in will affect how many times you tender your gardens. If you do it during extreme heat or extreme cold, the grass will take a hit. During the rainy season, the grass will grow faster which leads to more mowing. The more you water the grass, the faster it will grow which leads to more mowing.

DIY vs Professionals 

There comes a time when you hire a professional to take care of your lawn but there are other times when you have to DIY. Depending on the type of service you want, both are actually good options to have. On top of that factors such as the budget and amount of time you have will have a huge bearing on the final decision.

What influences how often you mow?

Home Garden Guides says a well-manicured lawn is pleasing to the eyes and therapeutic to the soul. But getting it right with your mowing makes a lot of difference.

Type of grass

Some grass will grow faster than others. Some take a lot of time to sprout, but when they grow, they blossom fast and will need constant care. On top of that, if the grass is freshly planted, it will need some time before it can be mowed. Consult with your lawn mowing service if you’re not sure.

Use of fertilizer 

Fertilizer is good for all plants especially those you wish to grow healthier and better. But the more you use fertilizers, the more you will be required to mow. It’s not bad to use fertilizer especially when you want to have fresh grass.

Mowing cycle

How is this going to affect how often you take care of your lawn. Well, see it this way, if you mow on a monthly basis, you won’t have to call in the mowing company often. But when they come, the work will be much more than having the lawn mowed twice or thrice in a month.

The climate 

Grass tends to do well in warmer climates than in colder ones. Don’t get us wrong, even if you reside in cold areas, grass will still grow. But if the climate is warm, the grass will grow faster and better which will mean more mowing.

How often do you water the grass?

 Water is heavenly to grass. If you reside in places with high rainfall, the grass will grow quickly which will need more mowing. Even with sprinklers, the grass will grow better and need constant care.

Height of the grass

 Mowing short grass is bad for its health. Cutting small grass will definitely mess with its root system which will deny the grass much-needed nutrients. Most experts recommend mowing grass that’s above 3 inches.

The rate at which the grass grows

Alot is said about how and when grass grows. But the truth is, grass can grow sporadically which means you don’t have to follow a certain guidebook. If you feel your grass is tall enough, you can call in the lawnmowers

Direct sunlight

 Grass thrives when there is access to sunlight. But if the lawn is blocked by structures such as houses or other buildings, the grass will grow slower. But if the lawn is in an open space, where sunlight is uninterrupted, the grass will sprout quickly.

The health of the grass

 This is often ignored when people are taking care of the lawn. If the grass is unhealthy, and there are wide patches on the lawn, you should do more overseeding than cutting. But if the grass is healthy and booming, you can cut it as often.


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