How Much Is The Solar Rebate In SA

SA has one of the most expensive electricity in this part of the world. As a result, more and more of its citizens have opted for the use of solar systems to save on their electricity bills. Plenty of sunshine in the region ensures that homes have all their solar energy production needs met.

The solar rebate in SA is slightly different from the rebates in other states and regions. You receive a subsidy of about $4,000 on the purchase of the solar battery. When you purchase solar panels from an accredited installer, you will get STCs to reduce the cost of purchase. The value of the STC depends on the size of the solar system you purchase. It will range from $1,000 to $5,000.

This makes it easier for homes to produce and store their solar energy. Further, it ensures that homes can easily sell back excess solar energy into the grid. Making it a program that helps reduce the electricity bill and increases the power in the grid. Read more about solar rebates on Go Solar Quotes.

Is it Worth Getting Solar In SA

It is worth it to get solar power in SA.

First, the power bill in SA is exorbitantly high. Already over 35% of households in SA use solar. Most use it as a method to make savings on the power  bill.

Second, the value of solar rebates offered by the government is coming down every year. It is better to get solar now and get your reduced price, rather than later. Every year you wait to install solar panels in your house means you will pay more to purchase the solar system.

Third, solar energy is friendly to the environment. In addition, there is lots of sunshine in SA. Getting solar in your house reduces the reliance on fossil fuel and enhances the use of renewable energy. Plenty of sunshine also ensures that you will always have solar power in your home.

How Can I Get The Solar Rebate In SA

Getting the solar rebate in SA is straightforward. You will receive a discount equal to the rebate at your point of purchase when you buy from an accredited installer. All prices of solar panels and batteries are inclusive of the rebate. Once the installation is complete, the installer then applies for the rebate on your behalf.

This makes it easier for you as it eliminates the bureaucracy you have to go through to get your rebate. It also assures you that your solar installer is accredited to provide the service.

How much you get in solar rebates is also determined by where you live in SA. This is determined by the amount of sunshine in your region. Different areas in SA are zoned to make rebate administration easier. Each zone is then assigned a value for their STC rate for the size of the solar system they install. The amount rebate is then given as a discount by your solar system installer.

When purchasing your solar panels or battery, always make sure to do it from an accredited seller. This ensures that you can get your rebate discount at the point of purchase. If you buy from an unaccredited installer, you will not enjoy the rebate.

Eligibility Criteria And Requirements For Getting Solar Rebates In SA

You need to meet several requirements to ensure that you can get your solar rebates in SA. First, you need to prove ownership of the property onto which the solar system is installed. You will have to present your ownership documents of the property for this to be verified.

The other criteria you will have to meet to enjoy a solar rebate is that you have to be installing a new solar system. This will be the first time that solar is installed on your property if you want to enjoy a rebate.

Third, you must also be installing a solar system that is smaller than 100 kw/h. This ensures that the rebate which is offered for households is not taken advantage of by large companies in the region.

Also, all STC must be redeemed within a year of installing the solar system in your home. However, if you receive your rebate as a discount from your installer, you will not need to worry about this.

Another criteria you have to meet is to not take advantage of another Australian.

If you can meet all these set requirements, then you can enjoy your solar rebates in SA.

How Much Does A Solar System Cost In SA

Fully installed solar systems in SA cost between $3,000 and $10,000.

The cost of a solar system varies for each household. One of the major factors to consider when purchasing a solar system is your power usage. Power usage is determined by the size of your house and the number of people and appliances in it.

For a small house with 2 to 4 people living in it, the power usage is lower than in a larger house with more people.

When you have determined your power usage, you need to get a solar system that will easily produce as much power in kw/h as you need in your house.

Household solar systems range from 3kw/h to 10 km/h. A solar system with a higher production capacity is more expensive.

Considering your household power usage, the more you use, the larger the solar system you need. Consequently, the more you will pay for it.

How To Use Solar To Save On Your Electric Bill

You will not necessarily make large savings on your electric bill if you don’t change your usage habits.

To benefit from your newly installed solar system, you need to change the time that you use electricity in your home. Solar power is produced efficiently during the day. Thus, you will need to meet most of your electric needs during the day.

This ensures that you use up most of the solar energy produced. You can then use less electricity at night. In this way, you will see significant savings on your power bill.

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