How Matt Eberflus changed his mind and began to “fall in love” with the Chicago Bears-Reading Eagle on a phone call from director Matt Eberflus.

Defensive Harness Justin Jones was ready to choose Indianapolis Colts as a free agent before receiving a call at his home in South Carolina late Thursday.

Chicago Bears coach Matt Eberflus was on the other end.

Everfras did not force Jones to make a decision. Instead, he talked about future opportunities with the Harras Hall facility and the staff and coaches there. And importantly, Jones talked about the family atmosphere that Everfras wanted to encounter.

By 9:45 am on Friday, Jones had settled on Bears’ two-year offer of $ 12 million on a plane to Chicago, according to the NFL Network.Within 24 hours three years after Bears, $ 40.5 million trades with Defensive Harness Larry Ogunjobi Failed due to physical failureGeneral Managers Ryan Pauls and Everfras have signed another cheaper option to tackle three techniques.

“(Eberfras) said,” I think you are a perfect fit for our people, you are a perfect fit for our plans, you are what we are trying to achieve. It’s a perfect fit. Jones said at Lake Forest on Friday after signing the deal. “And I just fell in love with the conversation we had and believed he was talking, and here. We are today. “

The deal with Ogunjobi was the biggest for Pauls in the first week of the free agent, and Pauls said he would bring “leadership, toughness, energy, and (a) a violent playing style” to Bears’ defense. It was supposed to be added. Ogunjobi had the best season of his five-year NFL career at Cincinnati Bengals in 2021 and had his career’s best seven sack and 16 quarterback hits before suffering a leg injury in a playoff that required surgery. Was recorded.

When Ogunjobi physically failed, Pauls said in a statement that killing the deal was “difficult and emotional to everyone involved, but ultimately the best interests to protect the Chicago Bears. It will be profitable. “

Jones and Ogunjobi interconnected and easily trained together through Bengals’ Defensive Lineman BJ Hill, who attended North Carolina State University with Jones. There, Jones sympathized with Ogunjobi, who he called the “great man,” and thanked him for the opportunity in front of him.

“The rally was a player’s hell and we played a lot last year,” Jones said. “He deserved everything he was about to get. It’s terrible how that happened. But it’s an opportunity I have available and I’m really excited to be here. I’m really excited to get to know these people, work with them and show them to them. With you, I’m here to win the championship, And I’m here to do a show with these fans. “

The 25-year-old Jones wasn’t as productive as Ogunjobi in rushing passers-by with just 4½ sack and 13 quarterback hits in four seasons with the Chargers, but Ogunjobi’s five-year total was 21½ and 53. .. In 2021, after dealing with calf injuries early in the season, he recorded 37 tackles, 5 tackles, 3 sack and 5 quarterback hits in 11 games.

But he can be a run stopper. Pauls said in his statement that Jones was “a large, physical and long interior player that could cause confusion in both runs and passes.”

Jones, 6 feet 3, 309 pounds, was injured in each of the last three seasons and missed a few games and was asked on Friday if he could do anything this offseason to prevent it.

“Some of the injuries I suffered can’t really say if the way I was training was different or I could do better,” he said. .. “Part of it is luck. You fall in the wrong direction, you land in the wrong direction for someone, someone lands on you. For example, it’s a difficult game for us to play. Therefore, there is a risk that something can happen each time you work on that area.

“So for me, I just make sure my body is flexible enough and that it can withstand the beatings when it’s in the trench.”

Jones’ pivot to signing the Bears was so fast that as of Friday, he didn’t have much time to dive deep into the defenses that Everfras was building. He wasn’t connected to his new teammate yet. He just heard a voicemail from former Bears defensive line coach Jay Rodgers and now, with the Chargers, details his positive thoughts about Jones joining the Bears. And he thinks he needs to upgrade his winter court situation.

But he had enough time to buy the message of Everfras.

“It’s just a group of people who are eager to get out and win the game and play for each other. That’s one of the things the flu director told me,” Jones said. “Because of the family atmosphere that goes through this building, everyone on this team is playing hard and playing for each other.”


How Matt Eberflus changed his mind and began to “fall in love” with the Chicago Bears-Reading Eagle on a phone call from director Matt Eberflus.

Source link How Matt Eberflus changed his mind and began to “fall in love” with the Chicago Bears-Reading Eagle on a phone call from director Matt Eberflus.

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