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Hoolahan, House Passes Age-Limited Gun Bill, Other Proposals – Daily Local

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Washington — The House of Representatives passed a package of gun violence prevention measures in a mostly partisan vote Wednesday night, despite little hope that the bill would clear the evenly divided Senate.

Five Republicans joined the Democratic Party by voting 223-204, raising their age to 21 to buy certain rifles, limiting magazine sizes, systematizing existing gun control rules, and more. Eight gun control bills have been compiled. US Congressman Chrissy Houlahan (D-PA) voted in favor of the bill.

“Members of our community, gun owners, and gunless owners understand that tough and honest conversations are needed to protect schools and neighborhoods. Last night we told them. We have taken an important step in our conversation, “said Houlahan. “I know from the members that I’m not alone in my anger. As a former teacher and mom, I learned that the parents of Yuvarde’s victims had to identify their children in school uniforms. It hurt my heart. As a legislator, I have solidified my determination to get a sensible solution across the finish line. “

The Senate is facing severe headwinds. Democrats said in a floor debate that Congress must deal with the surge in mass shootings in recent weeks, both in elementary schools in Uvalde, Texas and across the country.

Majority leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) Said Thursday that another gun bill would move the House forward, despite ongoing vulnerable bipartisan talks in the Senate.

“We’ve seen promising signs from the Senate that bipartisan agreements may be possible,” Heuer said. “I hope so. This house shouldn’t wait to act.”

Hoolahan said: “In response to the catastrophic mass shootings in Yuvarde, House has put together a comprehensive package to combat the epidemic of gun violence that has spread throughout our country. This package was initially 1 Although planned to fit in the votes, Americans deserve to know where the elected civil servants stand in each clause. I have house leadership to split the package into individual votes. We have successfully led the effort to ask for. Each bill has received bipartisan support by its own set of members, which allows ongoing negotiations to improve the sentiment of our country. It can be reflected. After all, our goal is to get something going, and we must continue to do so. I’m still working on making it happen. “

Democrats argued that public opinion was on their side about proposing “common sense” to address one of the most politically sensitive issues in Congress. According to a study by the University of Quinnipiac, released Wednesday, 74% of adults supported raising the age at which guns were purchased to 21 and 83% supported the so-called danger signal law for emergency gun attacks.

Kentucky MP Thomas Massie and other Republicans claimed on Wednesday that the bill was “dead when it arrived in the Senate,” and could be unconstitutional by over-restricting Americans’ rights to Article 2 of the Amendment. Highly sex.

Conservatives and gun rights groups have mobilized against the bill, and the Gun Owners of America, Gun Owners of America, and the National Rifle Association have warned members that the vote will be used to evaluate lawmakers. ..

Republican Rep. Jim Jordan argued that the law would not help communities affected by gun violence in Yuvalde and elsewhere.

“Our mind is directed at communities and families affected in such a terrible way,” said Jordan. “But the answer isn’t to destroy Article 2 of the Constitutional Amendment, but that’s exactly where Democrats want to go.”

Instead, the Republicans insisted on measures to “strengthen” schools, such as school security and more funding for armed guards. Massy and some others argued that they would abolish the gunless school zone and “stop promoting our school as a soft target.”

Democrats have pushed the argument back because police apparently did not act in the shootings in Yuvarde, which claimed the lives of 21 people. Democratic Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz pointed out testimony from the survivors of Yuvalde, who held a hearing on Wednesday, as the reason for the action.

“A few Senate Republicans may do the absolute minimum,” Wasserman Schultz said on the floor. “But when an 11-year-old woman told Congress that she had smeared the blood of her murdered friend on her body to stay alive and dead in Yuvarde, I took no steps. Take a step for your baby. “

A bill approved by the House of Representatives on Wednesday raises the age of rifle purchases from 18 to 21, limits magazine sizes, enacts regulations banning bumpstock and ghost guns, and sets standards for safe gun storage. Offers.

The four-hour debate included seven separate votes for different parts of the bill, including amendments added to request a report on the demographics of refusal of background checks. The series of votes followed last week’s letter from 21 moderate Democrats calling for the House Judiciary Committee to split the package bill it advanced on Thursday.

The House of Representatives will also vote on a second bill from Congressman Lucy McBass, Georgia, on Thursday. Firearm.

The Democratic Party is looking forward to bipartisan Senate negotiations in a group that includes Senator Christopher S. Murphy (D-Conn.). John Cornyn, Republican, Texas; Thom Tillis, RN.C. However, Conin said in a floor speech on Monday that he did not support key parts of the house bill, such as expanding background checks and raising the age of buying certain firearms.

Majority leader Charles E. Schumer, DN.Y. He said he would hold these talks until the weekend on Tuesday, but did not rule out the Senate’s vote on Democratic legislation, which is likely to have no support beyond Republican filibuster.

“If they don’t reach that agreement, we’ll see what happens after that,” Schumaer said.

Tyris told reporters Wednesday that the group was still “a few days” away from the framework agreement and would meet again that day.


Suzanne Monyak contributed to this report.

Hoolahan, House Passes Age-Limited Gun Bill, Other Proposals – Daily Local

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