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On one of my many trips to Israel, I was there on the day of the Holocaust memorial. The whole country has stopped. The taxi we were on was pulled, all traffic stopped, all drivers and passengers got out of the car and stood bowed as sirens all over Israel rang.

President Joe Biden issued a particularly memorable statement he made, especially in line with what Russia is currently doing to Ukraine.

“On the Holocaust Memorial Day, in Yomhashore, the Nazi government has 6 million Jews and Roma, Sinti, Slavs, disabled people, LGBTQI + individuals, political opponents, and many others. With Israel and Jews around the world, we mourn one of the darkest chapters in history. We respect the memories of the victims. We accept the survivors. We “never again. I promise to keep the promise of “no”.

“The world must never forget the truth of what happened all over Europe during the Holocaust, or forget the horrific crimes and suffering of the Nazi regime committed to millions of innocent people. The whole family was wiped out. The community was shattered. Survivors were left with painful memories and faded tattoos carved into their skin by the Nazis, reducing them to numbers. It has been forever recorded in human history, especially as there are fewer and fewer survivors, so it is our common responsibility to ensure that the Shore is not erased from our collective memory. The truth must always be known and permanently shared with future generations.

“As my dad taught me, I’ve taught my kids and grandchildren about the horrors of the Holocaust. I took my family and witnessed the darkness of the Dachau concentration camp. That’s what we always do. To help them understand why they have to oppose anti-Semitism and all its harmful forms of hatred. The Holocaust heritage always tells me that silence in the face of such prejudices is a companion. I have to remind us.

“Memory is our eternal duty, but memory without action is at risk of becoming an empty ritual. As individuals, we must not be indifferent to human cruelty and human suffering. As we must confront anti-Jewishism throughout the international community. Anti-Jewishism is once again ugly in the world. We fight other forms of hatred and a new generation of Holocaust. We must reject those who try to deny the Holocaust or distort the history of the Holocaust for their own purposes. The Holocaust is pure. We recognize that denial of the Holocaust is also a form of anti-Jewishism, just as it was an act of anti-Jewishism, because the term “Nazi” creates flawed historical similarities. We are looking discouraged as it is deployed in. Efforts to minimize, distort, or obscure who the Nazis are and their genocide are a form of Holocaust denial, in addition to insulting both Holocaust victims and survivors. And spread anti-Semitism.

“My government has stepped up efforts to combat all possible forms of anti-Semitism, such as Holocaust denial and distortion. We blame the international community for fighting Holocaust denial through education. We co-sponsored a UN resolution. We have partnered with the German government to improve Holocaust education and counter Holocaust denial and distortion. Holocaust and anti-Semitic renowned scholar Deborah Lipstadt Recently identified as a special envoy to monitor and fight anti-Semitism.

“In addition to expressing my opposition to the evils of anti-Semiticism, I have more to fight crimes based on the victim’s actual or perceived race, religion, country of origin, and sexual orientation. Signed a law providing tools, and my administration will continue to implement. Gender, Gender Identity or Disability. We have announced the first ever national strategy to combat domestic terrorism. The administration has increased funding for programs that help improve the safety and security of threatened non-profit organizations (including chapels and other religious groups). International Holocaust Memorial Day, I Bro Meet Near Brandman and the Vice President met Ruth Cohen at the White House, both survivors of Oschwitz, witnessing their stories, fighting denial and distortion of the Holocaust, and the most in human history. It’s a terrifying time.

“People like Bronia and Ruth, who survived the Holocaust and built new lives, inspire our country and the world and are a testament to the lasting resilience of the human spirit. Recognizing their pain. It is the responsibility of all of us to assist them by making the Holocaust’s cruelty never forgotten. Today, and every day, we confront anti-Jewishism and all other forms of hatred, We continue to strive to ensure that everyone can live in a world that preserves the basic human dignity of all.

“Therefore, I, President of the United States JOSEPH R. BIDEN JR., Declare from April 24th to May 1st, thanks to the authority given to me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States. 2022, As a week to protect the memorial day for the Holocaust victims, we invite Americans to observe this week and pause to remember the Holocaust victims and survivors. “

Bonnie Squires is a weekly communications consultant who writes Main Line Media News and has access to hosts the “Bonnie’s Beat” TV show on MLTV-MAINLINE NETWORK

Holocaust Memorial Day 2022 – Mainline Media News

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