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Searching for the right gift is now in full swing. There are other ideas on the list that can help you find the best idea for your foodie. Remember that you don’t necessarily have to be a foodie to appreciate these gifts.

It seems difficult to eat well on the go. Blend Jet 2 Come to the rescue using the USB port to charge the blender. If you’re on the go, hiking, camping, training, or on the go, you can’t live without it. If you don’t have access to fresh ingredients, you can easily make a ready-to-blend smoothie with JetPack. Flavors include banana blueberry, mocha chai, green peach ginger, raspberry dragon fruit, mango matcha, and tropical blue. Simply add milk or water to enjoy a smoothie wherever you are.

It seems like a challenge when you often eat on the go. (Photo courtesy of Blend Jet 2)

I like how light a 16 ounce blender is. Powerful enough to blend ice, frozen fruits and leafy vegetables in seconds. With the rainbow of colors available, you have to find one that suits the recipient’s personality.

Elliott nut butter Make the perfect gift for peanut and nut butter lovers, adults and children. It’s not your off-the-shelf product, I can prove it. Michael Kanter, founder of Eliot’s Nut Butters, had one goal in mind: to make healthy, tasty-flavored nut butter with minimal, high-quality ingredients. Canter started making two bottles at a time in the Elliott district of Portland, Oregon, using peanuts, almonds, and exclusively grown Oregon hazelnuts grown in the United States in small quantities. Said. Nut butter is naturally gluten-free and non-GMO. I sometimes eat them right out of the jar. They enhance PB & J sandwiches and make simple dinner shortcuts such as spicy Thai peanut butter noodle recipes. Types include Spicy Typo Peanut Butter, Honey Chippotor Peanut Butter, Espressonib Peanut Butter (my favorite), Oregon Hazelnut Chocolate Spread, All Bagle Nut Butter and, of course, Classic Salted Peanut Butter. Check your Peanut Butter or Nut Butter subscription for more gifts to keep giving. The recipient receives 3 bottles every 3 months. They remember you every time Elliott’s package arrives, especially while eating the last spoonful.

A perfect gift for peanut and nut butter lovers. (Photo courtesy of Elliott’s nut butter)

Who doesn’t like delicious and unique treats for the holidays? River Street SweetA family-owned company in Savannah, Georgia, s is a world-renowned manufacturer of southern pralines and confectionery shipped worldwide. After tasting the sweets, I found out why their pralines generate millions of dollars in annual sales and make them the main suppliers of pralines. The Sweet Treat Assortment contains some of River Street Sweets’ favorite items. The world-famous Pralines®, Milk ChocolateBearClaws®, Glazed Pecans, Praline Pecans and Carmel Corn are packed in a beautiful red gift box. The Southern Cake Trio (praline cake, bear claw® cake, red velvet cake) offers the sweet taste of the South. Check out our free ground shipping! 800-793-3876

You will want to buy the package of Holiday Fried Pecans Also for yourself. I must be able to eat very little. I could not do it! It’s a little sweet and a little salty, but it’s 100% organic and gluten-free. Pecan nuts are flash-fried, enough to get crunches, but not enough to absorb a lot of oil. According to the company, the founder of the business, Keith Baum, grew up in a plantation home in Louisiana, surrounded by pecan trees. Growing up, he harvested trees for his grandmother every year. A few years later, when he came across a secret family recipe using crops, his passion for being an entrepreneur blossomed. Thanks to that recipe, we can now all satisfy our thirst for this sweet and salty treat. They are finely chopped into salads, pancakes, ice cream, salads and yogurt.

It’s a little sweet and a little salty, but it’s 100% organic and gluten-free. (Photo courtesy of Holiday Fried Pecans)

The mother and son team combined two different loves, baking beer and craft beer, to add creativity to create simple and delicious bread. Result … Soberdough Brew Bread. Add 12 ounces of beer to the natural mix, stir for 45 minutes and bake. Check out the website for suggestions on the best beer (or non-alcoholic recommendations) for each mix. Just in time for this season are gingerbread bread, cinnamon swirls and cranberry oranges. Fragrant mixes include green chilies cheddar, sun-dried tomatoes, herbs and olive focaccia.

Brooklyn Brew Shop Founders Erica Shea and Stephen Valand have made home beer fun by creating a stylish and easy-to-use beer making kit specifically designed for stove brewing and seasonally inspired beer ingredient mixes. It was my goal. Homebrewing can be complicated, but we have succeeded in simplifying the process. They serve as judges for beer making contests and have been featured in many reputable media outlets such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Cooking Channels. Meet them here: I presented them with their New England IPA beer making kit ( I received positive comments from my list of beer lovers about how fun it is to make beer. Included in the kit: New England IPA 1 Galon All Grain Mix, Mosaic Hop, Cascade Hop, Beer Yeast, Glass Fermented Jug, Thermometer, Racking Cane, Tube, Tube Clamp, Screw Cap Stopper, Air Lock, No Rinse Sanitizer .. All equipment is reusable. To make your next batch, simply buy another favorite beer-making mix and a packet of unrinsed disinfectant from over 3 dozen varieties.

If you’re like me, you have friends and relatives who are Disney fanatics (and they don’t have to be children). This is the perfect gift to walk the infamous Main Street USA, cross Infinity and Pixar Pier from Adventureland, and explore all the streets in between to taste the taste of Disney Park without leaving the kitchen. With Ashley Craft’s “Unofficial Disney Park Cookbook” (2020, Adam Smedia $ 21.99), anyone can enjoy Magic Kingdom’s famous Doll Whip, Disney’s Hollywood Studios Mickey Pretzell, or EPCOT’s honey. You can recreate the sprinkled Moroccan baklava and French Napoleon. 100 Disney Recipes keep in mind your beloved Disney vacation every time you create a recipe. The author of the blog “Ashley Crafted” is best known for featuring Disney-inspired Disney Park food and drinks. She recently published The Unofficial Disney Parks Drink Recipe Cookbook (2021, Adams Media, $ 16.99). From coffee and tea inspired by Disney restaurants and cafes to milkshakes and slashes, mocktails and cocktails, the recipients are Goofy Glacier from Goofy’s Candy Company, Teddy’s Tea at Jock Lindsey’s Hanger Bar, and “The Happiest Place.” You can prepare 100 kinds of favorite drinks. On earth. “

As winter approaches, the editor of the American Test Kitchen (2021, $ 34.99) wrote “Complete Autumn and Winter Cookbooks: Over 550 for Warm Dinners, Holiday Roasts, Seasonal Desserts, Bread, Food Gifts and more. “Recipes”, those on your gift list, this book will be a source of their one-stop cold-weather cooking. As the cool weather approaches, they arrive at a book looking for recipes and holiday menu ideas that accept the baking season. They expand their root vegetable repertoire with recipes that incorporate parsnips, radishes, acorn squash and kohlrabi. There is a chapter dedicated to the stars of the autumn harvest. Apples and pumpkins. The “Make Ahead” icon flags dishes that can be prepared more than a day ago, eliminating the last-minute rush. There is a brunch-only chapter that includes one of my favorites, cinnamon rolls. Cinnamon rolls can be refrigerated overnight and then placed in the oven in the morning. How about roast duck and cherry sauce? Devil beef short ribs. Celery root, fennel, apple chowder. Glühwein Marumero pie. Or a towering cranberry orange olive oil cake. I’m hungry? You will probably want to buy a copy of the book for yourself!

Foodies, especially cookbook collectors on the list, are Julia Child, Inagaten, also known as Barefoot Contessa, Betty Crocker, and, of course, the joy of cooking. Check out other products in the cookbook design, such as aprons, tote bags, prints and more. Books of other genres are also available.

Stephen Fries is a professor and coordinator of the Gateway Community College Hospitality Management Program in New Haven, Connecticut. He has been a food and culinary travel columnist for the past 13 years, co-founder and organizer of Worth Tasting, a culinary walking tour of downtown New Haven, Connecticut. For more information, please visit

Holiday gifts for all tastes – thereporteronline

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