Holiday fun and time with loved ones can help reduce seasonal stress

“This is a holiday season and is often referred to as the greatest time of the year. The period from November to January is a fun time for many, but it is also a time of great anxiety.

Indeed, holidays have seasonal music, beautiful decorations, and delicious treats. It’s no exaggeration to say that the season is full of stressful activities such as shopping on a limited budget, planning a trip, and cooking meals with a few people.

NS The survey found that 62% of more than 2,000 participants were stressed or slightly stressed during the holiday season. After finances, the number one cause of stress was worries about staying healthy during the holidays.

Santa Claus will stand up and say hello when completed on a boat across the Schuylkill River during the 2019 Potstown Holiday Walk Event. (Photo by Michilea Patterson – for MediaNews Group)

Your doctor may not recommend extra slices of apple pie, but there are studies showing that spending time with loved ones has health benefits such as stress management. A study at Carnegie Mellon University found that support from friends and family served as a stress buffer. Social support reduces the risk of stress-related illnesses.

Conveniently, the area hosts several holiday-themed events that are perfect for family ties and time spent with other loved ones. The following events are not only a way to enjoy the season, but also a way to stay healthy during the holidays.

Celebrate Blue Friday with cleanup on November 26th

United by Blue encourages the community to make Friday after Thanksgiving blue instead of black. Blue Friday aims to clean up outdoors and take a walk in nature at the same time. People participate through self-cleanup activities, such as along trails, in parks, or somewhere in the neighborhood. United by Blue has a cleanup kit available for purchase. Alternatively, users can use their own consumables. After cleanup, people can submit the findings and report the amount of garbage collected. For more information, please visit / pages / optoutside-cleanups.

November 26th-November 28th Christmas Maze

Gilbertsville Farm offers a Christmas maze at the end of the season. Groups can walk through the farm’s corn maze while listening to seasonal Christmas music. Tickets for the corn maze are $ 12 per person. Free for children under 2 years old. The maze is open from 5 pm to 10 pm on November 26th and next Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 10 pm. Free hot chocolate and Christmas movies will be shown in the barn from 5 pm to 10 pm on weekends. For more information, please visit

People walk the corn maze in the fall season. (Photo courtesy of Kevin Keifrider)

November 27th Holiday Farmers Market

Pottstown Farm has Santa, sleighs and fresh produce. The Farm and Artisan Regional Market (FARM) provides the community with fresh, locally sourced foods and other products. The pop-up market is seasonal and is 100 E. High St in Pottstown. It will be held at Smith Family Plaza in. The market will open from 10 am to 3 pm on November 27th. People can buy nutritious food and get photos with Santa at once. The market also celebrates Saturday for small businesses that encourage residents to shop locally during the holiday season. For more information, please visit https: //

Holiday walk in Pottstown on December 4th

Pottstown’s annual holiday walks and tree lighting will take place on Saturday, December 4th. The day is filled with fun seasonal festivals and is a great opportunity to connect with friends and family. At noon, the community is invited to watch Santa cross the Schuylkill River on a dragon boat at Pottstown Riverfront Park. The park’s address is 140 College Drive. After arriving on land, Santa travels by fire truck to his “Santa hut.” Holiday events also include town scavenger hunts, children’s activities, and cookie decoration.

Planters along High Street in Pottstown are decorated for the holiday season. The autonomous region holds a holiday planter competition as part of the seasonal festival. (Photo by Michilea Patterson – for MediaNews Group)

The autonomous region also has a holiday planter competition. Several businesses and organizations in the region decorate planters along High Street. In the past, planters were decorated with a grinch theme, such as angels. This competition is a great opportunity to stroll the high streets and see all the creative designs. The winner of the sole competition will be announced at 7:30 pm that night at the wooden lights.

For more information on holiday walks and sole competition, visit the Pottstown Regional Economic Development Facebook page:

After crossing the Schuylkill River on a dragon boat during the 2019 Potstown Holiday Walk event, a large number of people gather around Santa Claus. (Photo by Michilea Patterson – for MediaNews Group)
People clean up the trash near the Schuylkill River Trail in Reading. United by Blue invites the community to participate in their own cleanup activities on Friday after Thanksgiving. (Photo by Michilea Patterson – for MediaNews Group)

Holiday fun and time with loved ones can help reduce seasonal stress

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