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Hoarse Biden says he has a cold from his grandson.Whole country

Washington (AP) — President Joe Biden has at least one thing in common with thousands of parents and grandparents this winter. It means that I caught a cold from my young grandson.

The president had an unusually low, hazy voice and occasional cough all week, prompting the press to ask questions about his health on Friday. He assured reporters that he was frequently tested for COVID-19 and was negative, which was dealing with itching in the throat for far less reasons.

“I have a one and a half year old grandson with a cold who likes to kiss his pop,” he said. “It’s just a cold.”

Biden spends a Thanksgiving weekend with his family in Nantucket, and on Monday his youngest son, Bo, named after Biden’s deceased son, is White to help his grandmother welcome the White House Christmas tree. I was in the house.

Jill Biden picked up a twig from the tree and kissed it to his grandson.

Dr. Kevin O’Connor, Biden’s family doctor since 2009, released a note on Monday stating that Biden “is experiencing an increase in stuffy nose this week.”

“This can be heard in his voice, and he feels a colloquially well-known frog in his throat,” O’Connor wrote.

He writes that Biden was tested for 19 “common respiratory pathogens”, including influenza, COVID-19, and streptococcal virus, all returning negative. The president is taking over-the-counter medications to treat his symptoms.

Biden Had his everyday body last month At the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, his doctor released a report declaring him “a healthy and energetic 78-year-old man worthy of successfully performing his presidency duties.”

O’Connor investigated Biden for an increase in “clearing” in public statements and his stiffening of his gait. O’Connor said Biden’s cough was the result of gastrointestinal regurgitation, and gait sclerosis was the result of a new diagnosis of “mild peripheral neuropathy”, spondyloarthritis, and compensation for a foot fracture that persisted a year ago. I reported.

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Hoarse Biden says he has a cold from his grandson.Whole country

Source link Hoarse Biden says he has a cold from his grandson.Whole country

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