Hiruko Real Estate Announces Auction of Two Bluestone Quarry in Pennsylvania | State

Northbrook, ill., March 29, 2021 / PRNewswire /- Hiruko Real Estate LLC Announcing a live auction Wednesday, April 28 For sale of two bluestone quarries at Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania.. The two large areas total 905 ± acres, and the seller has agreed to sell to the highest bidder above the minimum bid. $ 500,000 For each site.

Located in the center of Pennsylvania Productive Bluestone Region, Lanesboro The tube is about 500 acres and New Milford The tube is about 437 acres. These properties have significant bluestone reserves and include minable quarries with easy access to the entire northeast. The stone meets the PENNDOT and NJDOT Cycle Sodium Health Test Criteria and was previously approved under previous ownership. The sale includes a transferable quarry and mining permit, offering the opportunity to become one of the largest. Pennsylvania Regional Bluestone Operator. The property is just 2 miles from Route 171 and about 6 miles from Interstate 81, with several trunk roads such as Route 79 and Route 92, as well as several highways. Philadelphia, NY And New jersey, And numerous ports along the east coast. Due to its proximity to major interstate highways and rail lines, including direct access to the Norfolk Southern Railway, transportation from the quarry to other parts of the country is quick and easy.

Historically known for making train parts. Susquehanna County Currently known for its local quarry.These quarries produce what you are looking for Pennsylvania blue stoneUnique layered sandstone found only in the northeastern layer of Pennsylvania.. Quarryed products have many uses due to their strength and durability, from cut-sized stones used for courtyards, sidewalks and stair treads to building stones used for buildings. It is also used for wall stones, decorative rocks, natural stairs and other landscape features.As Susquehanna County website The strength and durability monument of Pennsylvania Bluestone describes it as the Starrucca Viaduct, a national civil engineering landmark. Lanesboro It was completed in 1848 and is still in use on the Norfolk Southern Railway. In recent years, production has been steadily increasing. Increasing demand Because of bluestone, and because the area where bluestone reserves can be found is limited.

Jeff Azuse, Senior Vice President of Hiruko Real Estate, said: Pennsylvania Bluestone reserves reserves during a period of increasing home improvement projects. “He continued. “Pennsylvania Bluestone is a high-quality product with many uses that will surely continue to be in demand.”

Live auction Wednesday, April 28, 2021 so 12:00 pm (EST).. The minimum bid for each tract is set as follows: $ 500,000.. For property details, sales process descriptions, terms and conditions, and access to virtual deal rooms, including due diligence for all properties, please visit: Or contact Jonathan Cutieseri (203) 561-8737 or

For more information on this property or other properties available for sale, please visit:

Hilco Global Company (“HRE”), Hilco Real Estate (“HRE”), The head office Northbrook, Illinois (USA). HRE is a national provider of strategic real estate disposal services. HRE acts as an agent or principal and uses that experience to advise and implement strategies that help clients derive maximum value from their real estate assets. HRE is the most complex transaction by leveraging multifaceted sales strategies and methods, aggressive relocation and restructuring experience, a vast and ambitious network of buyers and sellers, and substantial access to capital. But it exceeds expectations.

Hiruko Real Estate Announces Auction of Two Bluestone Quarry in Pennsylvania | State

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